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USC Marshall MBA Program Admission Essay Example

I am a man in a family of 7, my five sisters and my mother. I’m a young person who understands hard worker, concentration, commitment, motivation and good attitude are key factors in life’s success. My main reason for applying for the USC Marshall MBA Program is because I have acquired experience and skills in my life. I think I’m a good fit for the USC Marshall MBA community that has driven people with tremendous leadership potential and exceptionally smart.

Firstly, for the past ten years, I have held leadership roles in sales and operations. Throughout my services, I have met different entrepreneurs whom we have shared a lot in the field of operations management. I have also strived hard throughout my career to make a difference in the businesses of clients, who spanned diversely in the divergent sales and leadership sectors by making the transaction processes and applications as simple as possible to the client. In addition, I have had many successful meetings that have made me achieve business and operation goals. From this experience, I am confident enough I can make the best person in your organization and move it to the next level. This will be achieved through a combination of strategic planning, team leadership and business skills development that I have leveraged to meet and exceed beyond expectations.

USC Marshall MBA Program Admission Essay Example

Second, as in the department of sales and operations, my services made me a different person who sees potential in every process. I’ve been working as a real estate agent for six years, where I’ve gained experience in selling millions of dollars worth of real estate; of customers both locally and internationally. In fact, I am respected by mortgage owners because of my dedication and hard work in ensuring their customers pay their duties on time. Because of my experience in real estate business, I managed to secure an NMLS certificate and an immovable license. The possession of these two important documents has enabled me to own two mortgage branch offices and employed more than 200 employees within my fifteen years of experience in the industry.

On the other hand, my hard work in the sales department made me be rewarded as the best in sales as Account executive for World savings and MIG. This trophy made me realize my potential and gain more confidence in applying for the USC Marshall MBA community. Through the accumulated experience, I am confident that I can make a valuable contribution to your brand’s future projects and initiatives. Whether working as an entrepreneur, a lead volunteer for social causes or an agent, my work is characterized by an approach to perform end-to-end analysis, solve problems, and a penchant for innovation.

One attractive thing to me is how the Marshall community is inclusive, tightly knit and down to earth. I have always believed in helping people and most especially in times of need to give back to the community. I have demonstrated this in different ways. I have helped, for example, raise money for Mortgage Investors Group, an East Coast retail bank. I also played a key role in bringing them from the East coast to open their first Wholesale branch in Irvine, California. I have helped the Retail Bank not only open its wholesale division in California, but also play an intricate role in the achievement of large wholesale warehouse lines financial institutions.

On a more personal level, I would like to improve in multi- tasking, interpersonal and presentation skills, because these are important skills both professionally and socially. I would like to work in a real estate firm as an operations manager once I have completed my MBA from Marshall; I am particularly attracted to the innovation occurring within the real estate industry. With the frequent updating and revolutionizing of the real estate industry game changers like new mortgage policies and rates being introduced. I have found the whole experience from negotiations to implementations fascinating. I believe through the Marshall MBA program that I will be able to give me the tools to fully understand the relationships between different functions within a business and allow me to achieve my long-term goal of working in a leadership position at a real estate firm.

Through the achievement of the above goals, I would be better equipped to contribute to the highly respected real estate industry and add value to it. I would be in a better position to educate my industry peers about the strength of the Marshall Program in various business functions, in which I would encourage them appropriately to take up the roles and thus, making Marshall a prominent force in business. I would also like to strengthen the alumni network through the countries USC Marshall so that alumni can reach out to each other to share the knowledge, business opportunities and expertise with each other.

I have also gone through many struggles and hardships in order to reach the position I am at today. The personal struggles and challenges I have encountered will contribute to changing the diversity of my class. In addition, these struggles have aided in shaping and directing my life towards my profession. To start with, I endured the pain of losing my father when I was two years old because it has affected me since I had to act as the man of the house since my early childhood. Our earlier life in Afghanistan was full of ups and downs because of the evils activities in the region. At one time, my mother had to secure us at night and took us to Pakistan in order to avoid soviet troops who used to kills and rape women and young girls. Our stay at United States was a challenge because we had no money and my mother had to feed us as a single mother. This necessitated that at the age of 14, I already had to hold two jobs, which continued into my late 20’s. After three years, my three sisters who were left behind in Pakistan since they could not all be brought to the US at once came and we were reunited.

With all these struggles and life challenges, I managed to get into the place I am today. My challenges will act as an example to many in my class who have the ability of giving up due to small issues. Moreover, being the man of the house will enable me handle classroom matters in a professional manner and promote peace at USC Marshall MBA community.

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