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Urban Outfitters Earnings Process Article Review

How Urban Outfitters Won Big With Earnings

As mentioned in the article by Chris Lange that Urban Outfitters is focused on earning the profit and is getting success in the market. The company had earned $0.66 per share (EPS) and the company had to get the revenue of the $890 million, as the company is going in profit it means that the company has well managed the decisions and strategies. The company has focused on the financial goals in the market and based on the aspects the company is getting success and earning more revenue every year (Lange, 2016).

The company is increasing its revenue every year, the last year company had got the $0.56 in EPS and got the revenue of the $886.84 million and before this year, the company had got the $0.52 in EPS and got the revenue of $867.46 million. The company is continuously showing the growth every year as the targets are achieved and the customers are satisfied, the retail segment and other wholesale segments are also in profit. The company has the good strategic goals as they are focused on opening the stores.

Urban Outfitters Earnings Process Article Review

Moreover, as mention in the article that company has, get the profit in various segments, like 5% increase in the Urban Outfitters segment, direct-to-consumer is increased by 1 %, however, the wholesale segment increased by the 4%. In the year, the company has opened the 8 free people store, 1 Urban Outfitters store and 3 anthropologies group store. The company got the success in managing the strategies in the different markets, according to the culture. The company is of the profit because they want to get success and they have focused on the decision-making, without making or setting the higher prices for the customers, they are getting benefits from the customers (Hess & Liedtka, 2012).

The sales revenue has increased because the staff is trained and showed the productivity, they have the sales skill, and this is the reason that the customers are satisfied. However, they are also focusing on the new product line or giving the variety of products to the customers. The growth in revenue every year showed that they have the loyal customers; they may have priorities the strategies, which are giving them the effective results. The company is focused on to make the new customers and to retain the old customers, this is the reason that the company is going in the profit and using the various strategies example price discount, customer service etc.

In my point of view, the company is getting the profitability because the company is focused on opening the new branches; the company has given convince to the customers by opening the new stores at the different location of the countries. The customers, in this case, can get the services from different locations of the country where they find convenient. With the time the company has to make the good name in the market because they employees of the company are trained and they know the value of their customer, so they may be doing efforts to retain the customers for the long-term.

The company CEO has announced about the Urban Outfitters that the team has done efforts and earned good per share, as the company had the positive results and the profitability in the market, it means that the company served as the positive retailer in the retail segment. The company has reached the target; the company did the complete evaluation and serves the customer with their best.

The main reason of the profitability is that the company is earning good per share. The fiscal second quarter financial results are in favor, the company is best in making the decisions and in analyzing the process of business as the business always selects the location best in the city; the focus of the company is to open the maximum branches, based in that they are earning the greater profit every year.

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