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University of London Admission Essay Example

 Admission essay: Royal Holloway, University of London.

My decision to choose the University of London’s Royal Holloway campus was fueled by many things. Among the most influential, was its close proximity to London – a major economic, cultural, and political hub in the increasingly dynamic global society.  Royal Holloway is situated only 45 minutes from London by train meaning that the student is in close proximity to good examples and illustrations of the concepts garnered from academic activity at school. In addition, the chances of getting opportunities to apply what one has learnt are vast thanks to the close proximity to one of the world’s most influential cities.

Royal Holloway’s placement in close proximity to London also offers other advantages. The good infrastructural facilitation should assist prospective students in their studies given that London is home to one of the world’s most advanced rail, road, air, and telecommunications network. The ability to commute during research and academic tours as well as access sources of information, either remotely or physically, are greatly enhanced by this infrastructure.

University of London Admission Essay Example

The University of London is home to hundreds of thousands of students from varying religious, cultural, and social backgrounds. Coupled with its Royal Holloway campus positioning in close proximity to London – a city of more than 5 million inhabitants, this provides students with the opportunity to interact and learn from the different individuals. It also offers them with a sound appreciation of the diversity the world offers and prepares them for placement in different part of the fast-integrating, financial, academic, and professional world.

The University of London’s Royal Holloway campus provides superb facilities in term of student counseling, tutoring, mentorship and support. Accommodation advice’s are offered to enable new students settle quickly and integrate themselves into the academic lifestyle of their continuing counterparts. In addition, the teaching staff comprises of experienced professors, some of whom are world renown in their fields of expertise.

After completion of my high school studies in my country, I achieved the highest marks in my region and joined the local university for a Management course. After completing my undergraduate course and obtaining a first class honors degree in International Business, I joined an international corporation’s branch in the country for an 18 month management trainee program. However, soon after, I got an invite from the Royal Holloway to join their International Business MBA program a few weeks to the completion of my second year at the firm, where I had risen to the capacity of junior manager. I believe that the University of London’s Royal Holloway course augers well with my ambition of rising to the position of global vice president in charge of Africa at the firm I work for. It offers the best opportunity for me to develop a good set of competencies and skills necessary to propel me through my professional life, and achieve my vision.

As part of the African operations of an international organization, I have learnt the importance of cultural appreciation for multinationals in promoting organizational success. I would infuse the experience and concepts already picked from professional experience and marry them with the existing academic work in a manner that reflects the African cultural disposition. Africans are known as resilient people all over the world and their ability to thrive in the face of adversity, be it political or economic, is what I seek to project to my European counterparts at the school.

I am motivated by the current continental growth characterized by social, economic, and political growth in Africa. The rate at which the less privileged are being financially empowered motivates me to play my role as an aspiring head of a large international corporation – a good example of opportunity – to enhance the empowerment and facilitation of the same people. In addition, I participate in various charitable organizations aimed at providing education for orphans and the poor. This is my way of giving back to the community after having succeeded as part of the same people I seek to assist. I intend to return after completing my studies in the United Kingdom to resume my position in the multinational as well as charity work.

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