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Trent University Canada Report Analysis

Analysis On Trent University


As a consultant, it is my responsibility to learn about the Trent University for the sustainable structure. My motivation is make the specific report; the university has the outstanding heritage, as the university future is focused on the mission and strategic directions. However, the university commitment is to bring the academic future, there is the strategic enrollment management, a university is doing efforts to bring the financial sustainability and there is the commitment to strengthening and community engagement. Regarding mission and vision of the 2009-2010, the university has focused on the better future and there are the priorities For Every Aspect.

Finding And Recommendation

There are the challenges for the Trent University, for the sustainable future from 2010-2015, the university has developed the integrated plan, the university has set the series of recommendation, and there are the planning sections. The university has the transparency in to implement the plan and use the resources. There are the new academic programs, on which the university is implementing its plan. For the sustainable future, the university also has the business plans, however, there are the capital planning and the integrated plans, and the adaptive flexible plan is also there.

Trent University Canada Report Analysis

However, while accessing and considering the university focuses, I have noticed that the university has focused on the best practices, as they have successful strategies for the future; the university has the integrated plan, which is adaptive, with the changing conditions. The universities also need to focus on the plans, regarding doing an analysis of the future, the plans of another university, or the planning cycles, need to be considered for the betterment. The university focused on the planning initiative, that are already in the progress and the university wants to continue the plans.

Consequently, a consultant of the Trent University, I am focused on the Graham business improvement model, as the university already has the successful plans and the mission and vision, which can make the future bright. I still want to give some plans from which the university can focus on the better work process, quickly understand the work and collaboration will be enhanced. The projects of the university are scheduled as the university is following the adaptive flexible plan.

As the university is committed to the leadership planning, there is the direct comprehension academic planning, in which the faculty is also involved. The university is focused on the retained programs for the faculty, as there are the ways, to support the multi-year program and retention plans. There are the unit level plan activities, the unit level plan is aligned with the integrated plans, and however, the opportunities are there for the development. The responsibilities of the faculty are also divided, according to the designations; however, the efforts are there for the recruitment and practices.

The university has well-managed the faculty because they are involved in the planning and their decision are important because the university wants to retain the faculty. Moreover, the suggestion, in this case, would be that the university should follow the Graham plan, facilitate the faculty through the analysis and assessment programs. There is the need to support the people and need to make the legal and regulatory plans, accommodate the team members, team leader make the assignment, develop meeting schedule so that the faculty knows that university wants them.

While concerning to the financial stability of the university, the company has developed and focused on the effective model, the budget managers share the responsibility, the academic planning, and budget community, focused on enhancing the revenue, there is the strategic management on improving the financial, records and real-time finance. There are the budget accountability and university widely shares the growth factors, as the student retention and enrollment also managed. The annual increase awareness is given on the workload programs organizational culture.

The Graham Process maps, focus on the powerful tool so that there could be financial sustainability, however, as the university focused on the revenue, so there should be the methodologies to improve the productivity. I will suggest the Graham process, which focuses on the accurate flowchart and clear work, the responsibilities need to be given to the people for the betterment.

For strengthening the program, the university focuses on “strengthening the university engagement”, there is the connection with the external communities, so that the benefits can be there. However, the university can get the advantages in this case; the Trent University as a leader serves the community so that the benefits could be achieved.


While concluding there is the emphasis on the report, as I have done the analysis of the university functions, the university is focused on all the process and making the strategies, that can strengthen the university programs. However, there are transparent academic programs, that are focused on the financial sustainability and adaptive flexible plans, which can provide the benefits to the mission and vision of the university.

Consequently, the weaknesses are being focused. The university does not focus on the regulation for the faculty so that they could be the retained. The Graham model needs to be a focus for the betterment, the primary objective need to be focused and there is need to focus on teamwork so that the students and faculty can be benefited. The reviews need to be taken so that the employees could be taken.

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