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Traditional Medicare of Health Maintenance Organization

Evidence About HMO

Health maintenance organizations used to treat medical patience such on a betterment of the consumers. This is being treated by patients more affectively as compared to traditional Medicare. We also came to know that Health maintenance organization also relates to performance measures and quality measures and are strongly recommended as compare to traditional measures. It should be given more priority as compared to the tradition Medicare.

Most of the medical institutes also recommend using their treatments by this methodology because of the quality assurance given by the concerned authority. Commonly it has been used by different ages of men and women between 50-55 and 60-65. In order to treat the diseases like heart, cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes as well. These are mostly being given more priority in health maintenance organizations. Some of the children are also being positively utilized by this program and has become more satisfied when it comes to treatment.

Traditional Medicare of Health Maintenance Organization

In these organizations the consumer or the patient can have less financial loss which can keep patient away from any avoidable complications. Though this type of efficient working of that organizations the consumer build strong trust between himself and the organization in order to keep work going very smoothly. The organizations are much affective in terms of price such as e.g. whenever you are buying stuff like pills, bandages, bed days and x rays there is no increase in that amount like no need to pay extras for these items they all are included in the services of these organizations.


The above mentioned points distinguish that HMO is being supported more by people as compared to so called other traditional Medicare. And is also being more affected cure all of the other cures. The results people are getting are more satisfying than the no. of results from traditional Medicare. In such a way the increase in the HMO is highly appreciable as compared to the traditional Medicare. As the time passes and consumers becoming more strengthen regarding this health treatment.

Bundle Of Payments Programs

Bundle of payments of programs are recently announced to hold people accountable for different medical treatment which varies from different cases to cases. Under bundle of payments single payments are made by the patient for different treatments like knee or hip replacement or any cardiac surgery.

In such a way the health care centers becomes more cooperative in a way that no further charges are been applied once all the process has been initiated. One of the ideal solution is to promote the bundle of payments in such a way that some of the risk bearing organization needs to take responsibility of their patients’ health. And the survey proves that it had increase with the passage of time. If ACO increase in the number of payments providers’ organization which financial benefits may also increase by their own? ACO somehow and the other relates to the bundle of payments programs as mentioned earlier. In technique wise as well as logically.

Why so ACO is become accountable in order to maintain the graph of performance and quality of payments that are being charged by the patients or the consumers’ needs to ensure from every aspect of life. Through the research it has been illustrated that large variation in health care costs associated with hospitalization, physician services, readmissions, and on the other hand post-acute care centers have been highlighted for the potential and for cost savings with bundled payments. (e.g., hospitals, physician groups, etc.)

Are participating in bundled payments are being agreed by the number of players on a target price for clinical conditions as well as typically familiar for episode strictness. In typical of bundle of payments the providers of the organization and payers share equal both in savings and loss. And when the actual payment of health care falls down then both the parties agreed upon to share the profit as estimated. When it comes to reimbursement from the health maintenance program they play a vital role relating to the consumers. The bundle of payment programs allow the patients to have trust on the organization as well as they are being provided by the discount on the things that they needed to have in the health department such as purchasing pills, x-rays etc.

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