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Trade Offs Project Plan Management

If more requirements are fulfilled then, quality management could be better, when in trade offs project plan management; theTrade Offs Project Plan Management managers need to efficiently and effectively plan the trade off programs, a project manager should assess the best practices. The cost, quality and time, can give the alternative ways to deal with opportunities, or the problems example by adding the time to the project can add the functionality, by adding the cost to the project the human work force could be recruit, more people will do extra work. Through cutting the quality, the non-essential requirements could be cut-off, and instead of that, new requirements could be replaced.

By the managers, the decisions need to be quickly taken, so the scope should not be ignored, delaying in the projects or decisions could result in failure of the project. Mangers should value the cost quality and time, a better project manager, will see the scope of triangle and will try to focus on the one axes so the project can give benefit to the other axes. Every day decision needs to be efficiently taken, for maintaining the quality triangle (Jenkins, 2016).

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