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Tourism Company Critical Analysis and Recommendations


The tourism is a factor that earns a lot of foreign exchange for a country. Tourism is that factor which focuses on theTourism Company Critical Analysis and Recommendations incoming of the people from foreign states to see the real beauty of your country. (Markert, 2015)  Now a day there is a great competition present among the companies that are offering tourism facilities. There are many of the companies but I have experienced a world most famous company Cosmos for my last field trip during my summer break. I decided to go to some foreign places to visit them. I decided to go to the Taiwan with a tour company. I searched and I found Cosmos best so I choose Cosmos. (Martín, 2015)


The overview of the tourism states that the best and the most important thing about tourism is that the actual need of tourism must be fulfilled in order to get the best results in this regard. (Oadesa, Robinsonb, Greenb, & Spencea, 2011) The tourism is the thing that makes the country’s beauty better in other country’s people eyes as well as they more able to learn better about the country’s real beauty which the country have in it. The most important thing is that the people are very much fond of understanding new things and discovering new places so tourism will enhance their love of discovering if you provided them the best facilities in tourism. (Tourradar.com, 2018)

Cultural Development and Social Development

The development in cultural and social matters is very much important and essential then it became impossible to get success in this regard. The most essential thing is that the culture should be focused well in order to get the best results in this regard. The culture of every country is very much important and essential to mention and to maintain them essentially and as well as properly. The culture is that thing that should be focused very well and that should be able to maintain the beauty of the country where the culture is about to be maintained and focused. The one thing that should be maintained well is to keep the culture aspects always up to date as well as they are going to manage the working well in these terms.

The main thing in maintaining the culture must be clearly taken into consideration that the cultural aspects must be maintained according to their originality as they are going to manage the image of the country on other countries. The social aspect must be focused keenly as it impacts very much on the thing that they are going to manage the image of the people of other country better in their eyes. The most important thing is that they will prove themselves that they are very much social as they are the main thing that makes the connections of people good with each other as the more people become social the better they can increase their relationship with other countries. (Ringer, 2013).

Benefit of Development

There are many of the benefits that are related to the development of social and cultural effects of any country. The most important is that the people of the country became very much active in order to maintain the originality of their culture as well as they are going to be able to manage the good reputation of them in front of others as they are going to manage the working on their social activities with best interest of the people as well as they will be able to create the best image of them in front of others. The most important thing is that the more they focus on this the more they get the best efficiency in their living as well as the better they will get the benefit with their best efficiency in working on their cultural and social development. (Go & Govers, 2000).

Critical Analysis and Recommendation

The critical analysis on the development in cultural and social aspect is very much easy as they are many of the things that critics focus on those things that if you do not maintain it well then you will lose the good reputation of you among the others as well as people will not want to come to your place and it will loses your good reputation among others. The best thing is that you may focus on the things that are going to make your reputation better in front of others as well as the main thing is that the more you work on the maintenance of your cultural and social aspect the better you will focus on the great tourism in your country. That will increase the good will of your country as well as enhances the amount of foreign exchange earnings for your country. (Petkova & Marinov, 2014).

Strategic Alliances and Industry Partnerships

Strategic alliance are the transfer of benefits among two or more than two countries in order to get the best results in term of  making their relationships positive and strong with each other. This factor is very much important for the countries as they have to share many things with each other which can only be possible if they have good relationship with each other in this regard they have to make their tourism affects better and improved with each other. (Gray, 2018)

Industry partnership is actually a way or process of making the employees relationship of organizations or different countries strong with each other. The employees or workers are the strengths of the organizations that must be taken care with keen interest as well as they are to be given proper awareness as the most important thing is to make them according to the working aspects that they have t perform in their working place with great efficiency as well. (Wwda.org, 2017)

Strategy of Company

That is why Cosmo always remain in the search of remaining being innovative. The motives of such type of research are to being cooperative in accordance with the rival companies for the assessment as well as the development of the knowledge that is based on the technology. The company considered the strategic technology alliances (STA) important for its business. It is the extensive use of the technology that makes the company able to develop the new products and make use of these products to keep the environment of the business smooth and favorable, and the use of particular technology to utilize it in business is the fundamental motive of STA (Hassan, 2000).

Critical Analysis and Recommendation

The strategic management of the business as well as other policy of the public industry particularly the tourism industry, the spirits of the cooperatives are limited for the defense of the marketing for the managers of both kind that are risk averse as well as those who are intolerant of the ambiguity. The dual attitude towards the risk as well as the inhabitants of the personal cooperatives ventures for such businesses getting together or the formulation of the alliance with the business that is larger for the development of the knowledge that is based on the knowledge. The Paris is the place to visit that is also developed and has the huge presence of the alliance. The alliances make efforts to make use of the technology extensively for the development of the businesses as well as also to enhance the sills (Pansiri & Courvisanos, 2011).

Strategic Control for Tourism Destinations

The destination that I have chosen for my trip is Taiwan. Which is the best ever place for the visitors to visit. The most important factors of visiting Taiwan that they are of very friendly nature with the visitors that visit their countries as well as they entertain them well with the great services they provide to their visitors. There best thing is that they make their visitors very much comfortable where the people stay at.

The strategies that they have made are the providence to them with great efficiency in the stay for the people as well as at the place they are staying the providence of all the facilities with best efficiency as well. They provide best tourists that guide them properly and that make their journey lovable by telling them the accurate knowledge about the places where they are going to visits about Taiwan.

Strategic Approaches

The strategies that Taiwan Cosmos to make their tourists comfortable and relaxed as well as they are going to make the stay of people very much informative and very much efficient as well. They had the strategy to provide best place to stay for their people who are going to visit them. They are excellent in this regard that they are going to manage this strategy in best regards. The most important strategy of them is that the tour guide that they provide to their visitors are very much efficient in having knowledge of the places very well. They guide the people well and make their visit very much efficient and positively impressive as well. (Grac & Dodds, 2008)

The most important thing is that they are going to manage the timing with great efficiency as well as they have provided the best security to their visitors. According to the history, the alliance facilitates the impulsive cooperation between people. The management, as well as the development of the alliance, is one of the skills that are critical in the industry of hospitality and tourism (Ritchie, Chaos, crises and disasters: a strategic approach to crisis management in the tourism industry, 2004).


The tourism Company Cosmos of Taiwan has been given the best efficiency in their working to make the visitor happy with their visit in their country. The most important is that they have provided the best efficiency in their services that they are offering to the people as well as they are going to manage their services with the great affordable rates as well. All the visitors that visit their places always come happy when they came back to their homes. (Balakrishnan, 2009).

Green Leadership Strategies

Tourism is often considered the one of the largest industry that is also expanding continuously. The development of this industry is considered the economic tool that is making tourism an attractive industry. It is also a fact that the advantages also accompanied usually by some negative affect that may provide the negative effect on the environment. The case of business for going green or it can also say that showing more commitment toward the environment is the main issue in almost all the industry. This issue is also related to the tourism industry. It is not enough for the industries to just convenience and shows commitment for the aim of the right to the environment.

Now, it has become much necessary for the tourism industry to follow the environmental practice for the provision of the particular and tangible of evidence advantages that are related to the environmental commitment. The words “green” “sustainability” and “environmental” is related to the various productions of the tourism and destination particularly in the strategies of the marketing as well as the certification program. However, the extent by which “green” “sustainability” and “environmental” committed a destination or tourism product has not clear always. Now sustainability is like the buzzword not like an action plan (Evans & Elphick, 2005).

In the previous decade, a lot of initiative regarding environment implemented by the progressive industry of tourism, associates, individuals, and companies. Many organization of the tourism also developed the environmental guideline. In this regard, Cosmo also has the strategy to consider the environment and make the action plan to make it green. The concentration of the environment not only proves beneficial to the environment but also facilitate the company to attract as well as retain the customers.


With the passage of time, the concerns with the environment are increasing day by day and the companies are also making efforts to provide their contribution to making the environment green. So, as Cosmo belongs to the tourism industry that is one of the large industry, so it is necessary for the company to make effort for the safety of environment that also generate revenues by the retention of the customers, and the good environmental action plan can attract customers (Blake & Sinclair, 2003).

Crisis and Risk Management

In the tourism industry, the number of the disaster, as well as crises, is increasing that is affecting the industry of tourism that may range from the natural to the incident influencing the human. In the recent years, the industry of the global tourism experiencing many disasters as well as crises in which terrorist attack, economic recession, political instability, natural disasters, and the biosecurity threats include. The natural disaster has the ability to disrupt the distribution chain as well as the supply of the best business services that are vulnerable to the infrastructure that may be electrical, communication and many others.

The vulnerability can be exposed with the help of behavior induced to human that impacted dramatically to the tourism industry. There may not present much research on the risk and disaster management as well as the disasters and crises management. However, it is a very crucial element not only for the organization but also for the whole industry. The impact of crises is negative to the tourism, so it is necessary to make the plan for the sustainable development. The important thing to consider in making the plan is the clear understanding of the nature of the crises as well as the extent of its impact (Wilhite, Hayes, & Cody Knutson, 2000).

In this regard, the Cosmo Company is also having the plan so that it can eliminate or minimize the chances of the risk, crises or disaster, or if they happen it also has some strategies to minimize the intensity of the crises. The risk management strategy of the company is very efficient, that becoming the reason for increasing the popularity of the company as well as its revenues.

Critical Analysis and Recommendations

The risk management is very crucial in all the industries as people also give preference to this issue in order to make sure the level of security. In the tourism industry, this factor is important for the sustainable development of the industry because the tourist may tour to the other country that is totally unfamiliar to them. So they select the option that can manage all the risk or disaster and can also provide the reliable services all the time. It is also recommended to the companies to discuss in detail the level of security with the customers (Ritchie, Chaos, crises and disasters: a strategic approach to crisis management in the tourism industry, 2004).


The Taiwan Cosmos Company has the best efficiency in providing the services to the people who visit them. They must focus on the betterment of the thing that the place they provide to the people to stay must be big enough that people can find more ease in terms of living there. The guide they provide to the tourists must have more efficient knowledge about the places where he or she is taking to the people for visiting. The route buses that they are giving to the visitors must be very much great in providing the best efficiency to the people for visiting the places.


Summing up all, it can be concluded that the industry of tourism is one of the largest industry. It is necessary for the sustainable development of the industry to have the proper planning. The important element of this planning may include the wise selection of the destination of tourism, diversity of destination, keeping care of strategic alliance, the development of the green business as well as the planning for the risk as well as disaster management. All these factors are important for the sustainable development of the industry as well as Cosmo.

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