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Total Values and Sustainable Products

Sustainable Products


Business Sustainability is the term that explains the management of the business by means of financial issues socially economical aspect and related to the environment-friendly atmosphere as well. Sustainability is very much important and essential for any business to meet the needs and demands of the sustainability. A business should be sustainable for the user or customers that are connected to it, upon which your growth and success depend on. The value of the business should be environment-friendly and it is essential to keep the environment-friendly so that the business will affect people but not disturb them in terms of health issues and hygienic problems as well. (Epstein, 2014)


One of the Saudi companies Lyft that is the business of running taxis on rent to the customers on one call through their cell phones, which runs online with the help of an App provided, by the company. The people order a cab by sending a request on the application in their cell phone. The requester tracks the driver through the App and requests that driver to come and pick them up through the nearby location he is placed on. This service is very much beneficial for the people because before this service they use to wait for the cabs and taxis very

Total Values and Sustainable Products

Much on the roads. Now this company has helped people a lot by providing them services at their doorstep or wherever they needed at anywhere in the city or country.

This service is earning a lot of profit by giving a pick and drop service to the customers on the very low fare. The fares are very economical and affordable for the passengers that they love to use it repeatedly because it finds very economical to them. This facility is no doubt very much beneficial for the people who use them; it makes their long distances short as well. However, this facility r you can say business is not environment-friendly. The transportation emits too much smoke from its vehicles that it is polluting the environment badly. (Ballard, 2018)

Sustainability Values

The value of sustainability must be considered seriously for a business to run successfully and to gain rapid growth in the society. The business must be beneficial for the users as well as it should be environment-friendly as a must. Our environment should be our foremost priority to maintain it and keep it clean because we have to live in it. The factors, which could be harmful to the atmosphere, must be eliminated from the business. Lyft, as you know, uses cars to travel on roads the harmful smoke emitting from the vehicles are so much dangerous and harmful to the atmosphere. The harmful smokes inhaled by us goes directly into our lungs and violate our working of lungs and other body parts internally.

The sustainability also referred to the term socially responsible. The products and services you are going to provide to your customers must be according to the ethics and norms of the people. The business when responsible socially then it is admired by people and people wants to remain in contact with them. Thy Lyft is not considering these points, as their smoke emitting problem is not going to be solved. They are not allowing the right form of cars to register in their offices. The number of customer’s increases day by day and the number of people involving in that company as employees day by day are also increasing too much.

The company has no precautionary measures implement for the safe and secure environment keeping. The company is earning too much profit that it crosses the figure of billion in a year. These rides are so much cheap for the passengers that they consider it free and try to use it repeatedly. (Ghafar, 2018)

Role of Sustainability

Sustainability plays a very important role in the customer’s decision to choose right thing at right time and from right amount as well. Sustainability is something that encourages the customer too keeps itself and environment happy and clean. The costs and benefits of sustainability strategy are interlinked and cross-sectional among an organization or company. The business should determine the client’s willingness to pay that whether they are willing to pay such amount of fare in return or not they will come to know about this through a little timing survey among the people who are going to use your product.

The customers must be willing to pay the required amount of fare and this can be examined by calculating minimum prices ranges and companies budget according to an average people’s income range survey. Consumer surplus is the term that relates the amount of the customers, which they are willing to pay with the comparison of actual price running in the market. A business should keep these points in its view so that they can be making themselves in good books of the users or customers who are going to use that service or product from you. (Manthorpe, 2017)


Summing up all the main points of the analysis of Lyft Company, which is not an environment-friendly company they should arrange that their company or business becomes the most successful and growing business among other companies providing same services like Uber or any other else. More the business is environment-friendly more it will be beneficial for the business in order to attain a high-quality level in its services among other competitors ahead.

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