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Tort Law Case

Tort Law

Yes, it is clear that the plaintiffs need to be given the amount of the damages or money after theTort Law Case case is in favor, I agree with the tort law system that it will be unfair to the plaintiffs if not given the compensation when the case ends. It is mentioned in the case that parties bringing lawsuits that the damages should be paid to the defendants, plaintiffs need to pay damages if lose a case. Tort law system does not support the people who are wasting the time of the court thus, the damages should be not given to people who lose the case.

The justice should be focused as the according to “English Rule” there is the policy of reimbursement including the attorney‘s fees and the legal expense etc. therefore, the tort law system is to serve the people or to compensate the harm people, there can be the allocate system for one. The amount of money is awarded to plaintiffs. However, going to court can be expensive for one so there is to award money as civil courts can take too long time in order to resolve the disputes (Neubauer & Fradella, 2015).

There are some faults in the law that injured party will receive the compensation, however, the party that was at fault will not receive the compensation. I agree that there is the need to pay the expense or reimbursement to plaintiffs, he should be awarded or given the money if they lose the case because they were not quality and the opponents or court just wasted their time and money.

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