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Top 10 Ways to Make New Friends or Meet Someone Again

Whenever you enter a new environment be it a new workplace, a new yoga class or a gym, your first instinct urges you to make a friend who understands what is going around you especially when you face some challenges or having a hard time. There are sometime people you already know, for example people from your high school or your old neighbourhood but you are too shy to approach them. Here are Top 10 Ways to Make New Friends or Meet Someone Again;

  1. Finding People in Your Area

Top 10 Ways to Make New Friends or Meet Someone Again

This is the most conventional safe tactic to let people know that you reside in this area now and willing to stick around for a while. Update your Facebook status and let people know that you are living here, the probability of people reaching you to ask you for a cup of coffee or a dinner might not be exactly estimated but there is a high chance that people will DM you to hangout with you.

  1. Share an Activity

Top 10 Ways to Make New Friends or Meet Someone Again

If you are someone who shares the same activity with a potential friend, then it’s time to you talk to them and mingle with them since you share the same activity. DM them and ask them for a cup of coffee or invite them at your place, remind them of the times you had fun doing this activity and then form a routine where you all can share this activity together.

  1. Meet Someone Again

Top 10 Ways to Make New Friends or Meet Someone Again

Much like finding someone again this is kind of different, there are people who you have met but you have disliked them for that moment. And there is a high possibility that you judged them wrong when you first met them despite people put in a good word for them. Remember that sometimes people get nervous or you might be giving an intimidating vibe. If someone is cool and is a good person to everyone there is a high chance that person could be your friend. So, DM them, try to remember or ask where they like hanging out. People being comfortable in a familiar environment can communicate better.

  1. Approach Someone you Like

Top 10 Ways to Make New Friends or Meet Someone Again

There is always someone in your workplace, gym or yoga class that has the same taste as you. Take this as opportunity to start a conversation and get to know more about them invite them over at your place or ask them if they are free to eat out. Get the conversation going, same taste in things always gets you a heads-up in making new friends.

  1. Help Someone Out

Top 10 Ways to Make New Friends or Meet Someone Again

If you know someone who you think can be a potential friend and there is an opportunity where they need a favour or help with something. Take this opportunity to help them and do them a favour of doing that job in a perfect manner so they appreciate that you took time out for them to help someone and remind them that chivalry is not dead.

  1. Plan out a Party

Top 10 Ways to Make New Friends or Meet Someone Again

If anything, people like is coming to a party. It shouldn’t be expensive you can still manage a good party on a budget and have someone over to “celebrate” something. This is a cool way to mingle with people, get to know them, meet someone again and make new friends. Parties gather a lot of people together and when there are the right environment and the right food people really get comfortable in mingling with each other which is a great opportunity on its own.

  1. Keep Extra Supplies

Sometimes when you keep extra supplies for example stationary in your workplace, some towels in your gym bag or a water bottle or some cleansing pads. These things may not cost you much, but it instantly increases the chance of someone needing these essential supplies. They would appreciate you for helping them out and it will get the conversation starting in no time which is a good thing because now you know you can make someone your friend just by keeping these supplies.

  1. Share your Food

Food is something that reunites everyone, it makes everything easy for you since everyone likes food. If you are a vegan, then this is a great conversation starter since vegan food has recently increased in popularity and has become some sort of a cult since its quite expensive and people are trying to try out cheaper options all the time. Maybe next time you can use your cooking skills to impress someone or just simply share your food with them. Once you are the reason that someone is fed with food then this instantly brings in a good vibe in your conversation, because quite frankly who doesn’t like food?

  1. Give Someone a Ride or Walk With Them

If there is someone in your area that has the same path to their home, and they might need a ride to some place or need a company to walk them home. You can be that company by asking them if they can accompany you or give them a ride someday to help them carry those heavy grocery bags. Helping a neighbour is a good way of making a friend or approach someone. Some people may not feel safe walking around your neighbourhood so when you read signs of insecurity or reluctance every time is walking around you can offer to accompany them to make them feel safe. This is the best way to be friends with someone when they appreciate that you care for them it really earns you a lot of respect which becomes the essence of friendship.

  1. Apps that Connect you with People

There are many apps which connects you with people and find people in your area. It is designed for strangers to connect with one another and in this modern date this is a great way to connect with groups of people that share the same interest as you.

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