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Tips to Become a Successful Businessman

 “I Am Going To School to Become a Businessman”

Throughout my lifetime, I always wanted to become a successful businessman as I am impressed by many businessman. When I see them working hard day and night, doing effort to provide good services to their customers and making good money inspired me a lot. I want to work hard and make something valuable for my future life.

I want to give my family all happiness in life, so they could enjoy lives. Despite all hardship in life, my parents support me and pushed me to study, so I could do something for my future, everybody knows the importance of the study in life, study helps one to fulfill his/her dreams. To fulfill my dream I am studying ‘General Business’ as my major subject, so I should know more about the business and after studies I can start business of my own.

I want to be a businessman, as this profession is according to my taste, I can better perform the tasks as a businessman and it will also bring the revolution to our country. Businessmen work for the welfare of people and country, I have to stay focused for the career path and I have to think about the opportunities. I have to keep in mind that courage and initiatives can be useful in fulfilling one’s dream, I have to realize that, life is not a bed of roses, one may face difficulties but to stay courageous is important.

Another thing, if I want to be a good and successful businessman I have to evaluate myself and I should be persistence, while studying all business related subjects in my course, I have noticed that one have to be a good decision maker if one want to attain all opportunities. The phrase ‘thick skin’ is used to describe the challenges, which are faced by any businessman; businessmen must have hard skin so he easily suffer the rejections and challenges of future life. Interdependence, leadership, confident, knowledgeable and negotiator, all are characteristics, which one has to develop in own-self for a successful businessman (STEPHENSON).

To be a businessmen, I have to explore the environment and I find it interesting, one should generate ideas for the extraordinary life. The one another reason I have selected business study, is to gain opportunities and experiences. I want to see the life differently or from businessman perspective. I wanted to develop the skills of businessman, another reason I wanted to be a businessman is that, I have seen my parents doing job, they have to be restricted and have to follow the orders of others. Doing job under someone or giving services to one never appeals me. I believe one can never be successful if he/she is doing a job or working under someone. History shows us, that all big men did their own business.

I have passion and motivation for my profession, I love taking risks, I am hardworking and disciplined through my education I am developing my personality as a businessperson and gaining knowledge. In today’s competitive and globalized world, it is important to be successful if one wishes to give luxurious life to family, to be a successful businessman, it is necessary to develop all those skills (Liefaard).

I have to possess all those skills, which will provide me advantages in future life. I want to open my own restaurant after my studies and my mission will be to provide best food in taste and quality. I will be a successful businessman one day and make my parents, nation, friends proud.

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