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The Role of Artists in the Art World

Artists play diverse important roles in the art world and the society at large, but share the popular role of using their  style and medium to communicate a chosen purpose, which is to make art. Visual art is one of the operations or works of the artist, which is divided into various categories that is distinct based on the context of the work. The basic ones include fine art, such as drawing, photography, painting, sculpture, and some new media. They are also featured in popular culture, such as graffiti, advertising, movies, product design, and television, and others feature in decorative arts, including utilitarian objects such as ceramics, furniture, glassware, and all other crafts.

The Role of Artists in the Art WorldFor the past hundreds of years, various Western artists have created different works that have been realistically rendered. With great paintings that had given the art world an impressive prestige that it has today. The arrival of cubism and more subsequent avant-garde movements depicted a shift in relation to the role of the artists.

Furthermore, the present role of the artists in the art world is to create art by any means possible he or she intends to. It is not really uncommon for artists, especially those within the fine art discipline, to supplement or add their practice with another job or task, such as teaching, where they can seek grants and then maintain a regular cycle of developing and exhibiting works of art in the art world.

Lastly, contemporary artists also perform the function of helping others learn and understand the world and see things in another dimension. Artists do this in contemporary art by placing a story in the piece created, and these stories are not obviously seen, but give visible presence to the invisible.

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