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The Ring of Gyges Summary Analysis

The Ring Of Gyges

If You Found The Ring

If I found the magic ring, which can help me to disappear or make me invisible when needed, I may misuse that ring, I may take someone’s money, to get rich, I may snatch one’s gold and disappear when people or police come to catch me. I may also enter to someone’s home and steel all his/her money, and enjoy the money without working.

Most People Would Do If They Had The Ring

If people have the ring, they will also misuse the ring, they can enter in many markets, and they can enter in anyone’s home, to seek pleasure. People can kill someone, to whom they hate or do not want to see and can imprison or release themselves after committing the crime. People will snatch other rights and properties, and they can enjoy the beauties of life without doing work. People will wrongly use the ring, and society could be in danger or harm.

Ethical And Unethical Uses For The Ring

In my point of view there are very less ethical ways to use the ring, like one could be, the innocent person could be  imprison or release from the prison. However, there are many unethical ways or uses for the ring, the murderer could be release, the crime rate will be increase in the society and real criminal can never be identified, so there could be continuity in the crime rate.

The Power Of The Ring 

Yes, leaders need to acquire the power of ring, while they are in office, they can see what employees are doing when they are not in the company, and they can notice who is sincere to them and their business and who is not. They can see, who deserves the incentives and rewards, they can manage the all the tasks with equality. This magic ring will be helpful for the leaders, to know what they should do and what needed to do.

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