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The Perfect Sales Force

In the article, The Perfect Sales Force have been discussed. I have learned about the management of sales force that it is important to retain and maintain the salesThe Perfect Sales Force force because through retaining the sales forces, maximum advantages like productivity can be increased. However, the article illustrate about the conventional wisdom that it is needed to maintain the challenges, as hiring, training, rewarding should be the part of organizations, because in this way sales person can be valued and their performance can be better, moreover, through focusing on some perspective talent can be identified and retained.

In the article, the best practices of the perfect sales force are mentioned that there are need to understand the 6 best practices, there are need to hire the workforce, which is talented, perfect pay need to be decided, there is the need to notice the sales behavior and the training need to be given. However, the management needs to be done through result-based management. The natural talent and training are the aspects from which better selling pattern and management can be done; all management activities are discussed that in every organization, for the better outcomes, there is the need to do the evaluation based on fair processes.

In the 10 selling talents, there is influence on the selling process and components, as first is the deal breaker, in which there are the work ethics, regarding the quality and quantity, tolerance, persuasions, needs and explanation, obvious versus concepts are discussed. Hiring, pay plan, and evaluation can be the benefits for the management. There is also discussion on the solution, sales cycles, products, decision-making etc. however, proper management of the sales persons are discussed, through evaluating different steps, in the process of management. For growing the perfect sales for, the six best practices are needed to follow, through following the practices, efficiency can be bought in sales.

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