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The History of Video Games

From decades, the term ‘video game’ has become inactive part of entertainment; more properly called as ‘electronicThe History of Video Games games’ or ‘computer games’. It has a wider range of technology and hardware built with electronic logic circuits. If we go back to the 1950’s, designing simple games were part of computer science research, but in 1970’s and 1980’s computer games, arcade video games and gaming consoles were first introduced to the general public. Since then, video games become a part of everyone entertainment and become a part of modern culture.

Video game can be a source of entertainment for anyone and source of generating profit for companies. The computer games in 1950’s promoted by the computers, introducing in universities, governmental organizations and other large cooperation, at that time the video games were divided into three categories, first training and instructional program, second research program and third demonstration program. They were largely developed on the unique software and then further development take place in the industry. There were several games at that time, which never publicized because they may not be accurate. In 1958, the game Tennis for Two, which was built by Robert Dvorak and designed by William Higinbotham got fame in the students of U.S. College, it was the example of successful game and the technology of that period (Bellis, 2016).

Atari introduce Pong to the arcades in 1972, the pong was successful video game system. In 1975, Atari introduce the home version of popular game pong, which was a big success at that time; pong is the games that open the doors for many future video games. In 1976, the Fairchild Channel, introduced the first removable game system. It was the peak era of innovation and the popularity; it had the first commercial success. Atari introduced games with same removable system, which allowed playing games with same hardware.

In 1981, in the history of video games arcade games, Shigero Miyamoto, make donkey kong (Nintendo), a jump man named Mario became the star of the world. This was the video, which give the competition in the market and many gamers buy it. In 1989, Ninetendo boy popularize in handheld gaming, it was the charm to the users, it was easy to use and children love to buy it, every child at that time, forced his/her parents to buy it. It has long battery timings and quick, casual game. In Early 1990’s the game ‘solitaire’ come in the market, computer users and business men loved to play that game, this was the most popular game of all electronic games. People played that game for the satisfaction of mind and peace of heart. In 1991, one of the most famous games of the 90’s, Sega comes in the market. There was iconic hero known as Mega drive in Japan. This was the game got lot of fame in United States, kids loved to play Sega, the game had blazing speed and edgy attitude. In 1995, the best game, and everybody of us know about the game named play station; Sony introduced play station for $100, which was less than the Sega. It was lower in price, that why it gains the competitive advantage, it weakens the business of the Sega. Play Station becomes the dominant game of 1990’s (TYSON, 2016).

Twenty first century gives a new way to games; and games were different as they were in 90’s. In 2000, Will Wright has introduced a game, which was based on real life, there were imaginary men in the game and the houses, game named as Social Sims. It becomes a bestselling game and popular game. This game was famous in females especially. In 2001 Microsoft enter the competitive market and introduced its game named as ‘Xbox’. After 4 years of its launch, it had millions of fans. In 2002, Army releases the American Army video game, which help them to communicate and with the, generation of electronic gamers. In 2009, many social games like Farmville and angry bird take place in game industry. After these games, people started spending hours and hours on internet. In 2013, Gone Home, The last of us, and papers come into being; it is a mature video game with tough emotional choices in complex world. In 2014, ‘free to play’ become dominant and Hollywood achieves sales in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

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