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The Fashion Channel Case Study Analysis Summary

The Fashion Channel

If I were Dana Wheeler, I interpret some different strategies and recommendations that were according to the market trends and people likeness about the fashion. People now a day have very much curious and remain keen about the trending and current fashion. People are so much social that they would know very well about the new trends in the market. People will remain in touch with the fashion channels. Social media became very viral and active in terms of having high knowledge about awareness according to the new trends. Peoples social nature can be an effective term for increasing the nature and reputation of your business or your new trends if you are going to introduce it in near future. First, I will analyze the data from the previous markets about the taste and favouritism of the people who are going to use or wear that fashion product. Therefore, it will be more beneficial for my new launch to have more fame in the market as a new product.

Different segmentation are considered into account in terms of introducing or launching a new brand. Each segmentation recommends a hard work and a lot of effort to put in it for having success in that working. A successful working leads to a successful project accomplishment and a successful business running. In this article, the channels are explained that leads to the development and success of any new product launching among the competitors in the market present already in the market. Every step has some advantages and some disadvantage the advantage of social marketing is that it can involve a large number of people in the marketing by sitting at a single place even at home. It has a drawback as well that it sometimes bored the people by repetition of advertisement socially. The advantages of door-to-door marketing also aware people by the product. However, it has less charm in it so it attracts fewer customers towards it, which is a drawback of using this strategy.

The Fashion Channel Case Study Analysis Summary

If I were Dana Wheeler, I would recommend the situations, which can minimize the costs and controls the budget according to the usage of finance in it. I will recommend the use of more efficient networking ways and cables as well as I recommend the weekly check and balance of the material which we are going to use in the network marketing so that if any problem came than it would be solved immediately before having a big loss. I am recommending this because this is the most important and essential feature which should be taken into account and considered very seriously and keenly because it directly reflects the reputation and fame of your brand in the field of the fashion. (Stahel, 2007)

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