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The Decades of 1980s

The Decade of 1980’s

The Decades of 1980s

Popular Culture in 1980s

The popular culture was reflected in this era, as the decade is also known as the decade of the “Yuppie”  because the people developed good taste in this era, baby-boomers experienced the college education, people become self-centered and materialistic. People concentrated on themselves and their taste, as it is the age of the block buster movies, there were the movies that are still wonderful today. In 1980’s the movies like, “Some kind of wonderful” and “The basket club” were there, however, the movies become popular in the nations and media get success, popular culture continued in the whole era as MTV become popular (Sirota, 2011).

Video Gaming in 1980s

Video gaming become popular in the 1980’s, as the children and adults across the world, showed their interest, in the gaming, however, the new way, to spend leisure and free time was there. In 1982, there was the emergence of the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Nintendo etc. The game characters become popular in the people, as there was the popularity in the mainstream culture. The electronic LED games, became popular in the market, and targeted the youth market segment. After, the people interest, different games were made and there was a sudden rise of the new games, people are still into it and the rise of games could be seen in next generations.

Fashion in 1980s

The fashion regarding the clothing style, started in late 1970s; as by 1980’s people evolved in the heavy metal of the fashion, this included the jeans, teased hair, neon clothing etc. the significant clothing was there as the jeans, leather jackets and pants were there. In women, jumpsuits were common, the polo shirts, miniskirts and leggings were there. Moreover, as the Tom Bailey, big hair style become popular in 1986, the trendy thinking was given to the hair style, and the liberal application of using hair spray and mousse was there. The trend of Rayban also emerged in 1980’s (Niven, 2011).

Music in 1980s

The new way to music was given in 1980’s, as the Michael Jackson, was considered the popular successful artist, who gave the new pop and R&D to the music, however, Madonna was also considered the artist of the female pop music. In 1982, the album of Michael Jackson was released, with the name of Thriller, in which there was the moonwalk dance, the album was the best selling of that time. Madonna and Whitney Houston also released the music; several copies were distributed across the worldwide. After that electronic instrument came in the market, and are still associated with the music.

Sports in 1980s

There was also the advancement in the sports, the new meaning to Olympics was given, as the people get aware to play the sports, in 1980’s the summer and winter Olympics take place, the summer Olympics in Moscow; the boycott was done by the United State, as 64 countries, stand in protest of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. The Olympics in winter was played on the ice, and remember as the Miracle on ice, as the Soviet Red army team was defeated by the young US hockey players and won the gold medal. People of the modern age are still into it and more interest is seen in the new generations (Heggie & Caine, 2012).

Earthquake in San-Francisco in 1989

On October 17, 1989, there was the earthquake, the Loma Prieta earthquake, which struck the San Francisco Bay area, however, there was the World Series and gained the attention of the world. The earthquake killed the 65 people and the thousand get injured, due to the disaster, the economy has to face the losses. As there were the losses in the structural damage and gas-line fires also broken in San Francisco. There were the effects of the earthquake as the transportation get struck and the airport repair cost was $30 million, the electric systems lost due to the hits in earthquake (Holzer, 1998).

Nuclear Meltdown in 1986

In April 1986, the nuclear meltdown, result in the severe nuclear reactor accident, the reason was overheating, as the nuclear regulatory commission define that it was a partial collapse. Due to the fuel element failure and the high temperature the accident occurred, the reactor due to meltdown on high temperature showed the reaction. However, the people after the accident analyze the causes and make the modern reactor which makes a meltdown unlikely, the whole structure has highly radioactive material, and the nation has got the significant effects after the accidents, because the pressure was known and restored by cooling of the core.

Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster

The disaster was occurred on January 28, 1986, as when NASA mission (STS-51-L) broke apart in 73 seconds, the space shuttle challenger disaster was not successful because there was a failure or breach in the SRB joints, which allows the burning gas to come outside. The failure of the right-hand SRB’s resulted in the structure failure of the external tank. The disaster resulted in the deaths of 7 crew members. After the accident the effects were there as the recovery of the SRB joints, the RSO officer allowed to do the recovery operations in future can be successful (McDonald, 2009).

Gene Therapy in 1980s

The Gene therapy is the modification of the human DNA, it was first performed by the Martin Cline, in 1980, but the successful approved nuclear gene transfer took place in May 1989. The new thinking was given to the world, as there were successful attempts and the betterments were there in the field of science. The gene therapy was inserted in the new gene; the new gene is inserted in the cells and if it is successful the gene make the functional protein, from which the disease could be cured. It gives birth to the human genetic engineering, through which a person can change the physical appearance.

Surrogacy in 1986

The surrogacy was first achieved in the 1986; it gave the new meaning to the scientific approach, as the parents who do not have the children can carry the pregnancy. However, the there is a surrogacy agreement and the parents can carry the pregnancy from the intended parents. The embryo created by in vitro fertilization, so the child is genetically unrelated to the gestational, in U.S surrogacy become a tradition and it is considered less complex. There could be the legal and ethical issue related with the surrogacy, but the new way of making the children, is given through the gestational surrogacy (Sills, 2016).

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