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Target Corporation Organization Culture

Target Corporation

Culture Of Organization

Target is a retailing company. Their uniqueness is there greatest strength; they have given free environment to their employees, employees are valued and given respect, this is the reason their employees are satisfied and have strong sense of belongingness and level of support, that is why they are hardworking and show best performance during working hours. Their employees and team members are committed; the company is very successful because of employee’s good performance. According to the management of target cooperation teamwork is the key a resolve conflicts and difficulties with having fun at the same time. To become more efficient, successive and intelligent they are training their employees. They want to make their organization the best shopping place. The environment given to the employee is very friendly and collaborative. Target wants to make excellent team.  They ask team to give them innovative ideas and discover solutions for problems. They want to make inclusive culture with the help of their team members. Their strategy is to give incentives and rewards to the workers to increase their performances. In cooperate culture they are taught that they have to do hard work for the competitive advantage and to achieve the desired goals. Challenges are given to them, to evaluate them.

Subcultures Within The Organization

There is ethical cultural in target organization, this company is known very successful for its culture because it working from many years and it has expanded its business. It invest more on it customers need. There is societal peace and the great sense of give respect to each other’s. Company is up to date with the modern society. Target corporation has maintained its culture within the organization. They are also social services in the community as they as famous for their culture, people admire them a lot. Target helps people in providing shelters and prevents people from violence. They offer education to the poor kids; they are serving many communities nationally. It tells us that how they are teaching their employees. They do comprehensive study of its environment. Everyone within the organization knows his boundaries, they are clear about subcultures that everybody is equal, they respect peer group. There is implementation of cultural ethics. There are cultures of learning within organization. Employees participate in all activities and do corporation for the employee satisfaction. As they want market, position so they need committed employees.

Target Corporation Organization Culture

A Formal Or Informal Code Of Ethics

Like other organizations target corpration also have code of ethics, they have great place for their employees to work. It is taught to them that they should behave like a responsible citizen. Code of ethics help a worker to take different decisions on different matters. They think that through making codes of ethics employees will perform better and no conflicts will take place between them. All the employees should clearly know about the rules of the organization, so the workers would work hard and achieve all the organizational goals. The ethics officers check them and incase of any violation they will punish them, they teach them how to communicate with each other and how to communicate with the people or customers. They want every team member to work with honesty and dignity. Trainers tells employees that discrimination and harassment will not tolerated within the organization, you all are from different backgrounds but you all have to accept each other, work and achieve tasks like a team. You all have to set examples for each other’s. It is good if you report about any misconduct. Do not give internal secrets of our industry to anyone.

Law, Value-Based Leadership, And Personal Ethics Of Employees

There are ethical practices in the organization. Trade follows U.S customs law. Work is governed by the customs law so everybody has to follow the rules and regulations. Their social audits also take place about terrorism, harassment and inequality. The team members should take care of each other’s; there should be element of trust. Every social audit determine the final results, there are audits about health and safety, payment of wages, record keeping and payment on extra working hours. These audits are done to check that the employees are getting things they need and to check if anyone have any problem then he may report. An audit is acceptable and if there is need of corrections then improvements are done. There is zero tolerance in target, if anyone found guilty on severe violation then he will be terminated. Interviews with management and workers are also done that if they facing any problem or to check consistency between statements. Child labor, forced labor, conflict of interest and corporal punishment is included in severe punishment. After reviewing all the problems, it is decided that what next to do now. If there is need of improvements or corrective action, plans then team make plans about how to solve it. The time is given to solve the problems before follow up audits.

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