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SWOT Analysis of PTCL

PTCL SWOT Analysis

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd (PTCL) is the largest telecommunication company of Pakistan offering number of telephony and Internet services to customers. This topic is covering the Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of PTCL in detail.

Swot Analysis of PTCL


  • Oldest Telecommunication Company of Pakistan founded in 1947.
  • All the telecommunication companies operating in Pakistan directly or indirectly dependent upon PTCL network.
  • PTCL maintain the records of customers in an organize way that is not the case with other private
  • Telecommunication companies in which the numbers are allocated without proper verification.
  • PTCL can be used as a backup network if the mobile networks are down due to any reasons.
  • It has been offering speedy Internet DSL connection to the customers and also offers concession to the students
  • PTCL is offering multiple services which includes TV, Internet and Telephone using local loop.
  • The largest landline network of Pakistan.
  • It offers low rates for the national calls as compared to mobile networks.


  • Flat organizational structure
  • Bureaucratic environment.
  • Political intervention in decision making.
  • Extra employee overhead due to extra hiring.
  • Customer service is very poor specially in Internet services
  • V wireless coverage and service is very poor.
  • Functional units are not well organized.
  • Bad debts due to non payments of bills.
  • Weak marketing of new services.
  • Lack of technical staff in DSL technical support.
  • People used to give bribe for new connection of Landline.
  • Form processing for new connection takes more time in larger cities.


  • Joint ventures with other telecommunication companies for introducing new services.
  • Improvement in customer services.
  • Hire technical staff to reduce the level of DSL issues in order toincrease customer satisfaction.
  • Proper planning and implementation is required to Improve wireless PTCL and Evdo services in Pakistan.
  • Aggressive marketing is required to promote offered services and give hard time to competitors.
  • Increase market share of Internet services.
  • Adopt latest technology.


  • Strong competition from telecommunication companies.
  • Inflation in the country may increase the cost of services which will finally transferred to customers.
  • Energy crises throughout the country.
  • Rapid raise in Government taxes.
  • New players in the industry.
  • Political instability.
  • Security issues.
  • Cyber crimes percentage is increasing.
  • Inconsistent and Adhoc decisions by Company management.

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