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Student Self Assessment Example

What I Have Learned Throughout Course

While attending the class I have learned verity of new things, I have discovered myself and I am constantly adding knowledge to the database. I have taught the team management that what the difference between a group and a team is and how an effective team could work for the positive results and productivity. To improve the effectiveness of the team it is important to give specific team vision, and performance goals need to set by the team. Working in a team to understand each other is important, there should be mutual feedback, discussion, and all problems need to solve actively after the involvement of all the team members.

While a group should have a strong leader, who is able to do accountability of the group members, accountability should be done based on one’s performance, if one is performing better then he should be appreciated and if not doing well and showing, effectiveness then should be given feedback so his capacities and weaknesses should be improved. A leader need to participates actively for the organizational goals and there should be time-to-time organized meetings, there is the need to tell the team members that what is achieved and what needed to focus or achieve, discussions should be done various principles and goals that are for the accomplishment of organizational goals.

Student Self Assessment Example

Team effectiveness could also be increased through the focus on the mission, roles, goal setting, and planning. Whereas working in a team needs to resolve the conflicts among team members, so creativity could be there, every group member needs to understand the stages of team building like forming, storming, norming and performing. I have understood that at every stage, there are leadership challenges and it is important to manage the functions of team, there are need to understand the people or group members, especially in the beginning, leader needs to tell the team members that they should be welcoming and there should be principle of acceptance among team members.

I have learned about the behaviors of people in an organization when I will start my career in an organization I do judge the people based on such factors and I will apply on myself that I have studied during the course. I have studied and learned about the people in an organization that there is a need to develop self-concepts, esteem, and attitudes while working in an organization. Attitudes and self-esteem have an impact on you and on organizational success. Total personal insight and self-concepts are important for any person, he/she should know about own self as it is important for an effective performance in an organization.

Self-concepts are the person own beliefs, perceptions and opinion about own self, self-concepts are made up of different components that include, physical self, social self, psychological and emotional self, for better performance, recognition of these all concepts or aspects are important. Self-concepts could be developed through verbal and non-verbal reactions of others; person learned them through experiences and expectations. Self-concepts results in the self-esteem of a person, we can say self-esteem is the evaluation of self-concepts, through the concepts of self-concepts and self-esteem I am able to know myself, and I am building healthy self-esteem by respecting others and by tolerating more as self-esteem and have a powerful influence on one’s behavior.

I am able to build my self-esteem through doing assessment of my weakness and strengths and I am working on it by setting goals because self-esteem will improve my personality.  I know high-esteem will make me a better person, I will be improved a confident, there will be positive perceptions and high achievements. Every employee or person need to know about him well, only in this way performance could be effective, if a person does not about his self-esteem and self-concepts, then there could be failures and his performance can never be improved. Organizations can also help its employees to know about themselves.

In future, as an employer, I will be able to develop self-esteem in my team members because an organization can also participate in the building of self-esteem of an employee,  through giving value to individuals or employees, through well-designed training programs, emphasize on teamwork and through encouraging and motivating employees their self-esteem could be enhanced.

I have also learned about a business system and processes, that international and cooperative business need to be understood for the political economies and to strengthen the business in different ways. For the success of the business to study about the other organization from the international perspective and from political economies is important, in this way, any organization can make or designed its strategies in an effective method.

I have learned that employees and customers are assets to any business or organization; to value them is most important, of an effectiveness, productivity, and profitability to make effective strategies are important to satisfy employees and customers. Through organizational development, organizational goals could be achieved; organizational development is a system, in which there is planned development, and for the effectiveness, there is need to strengthen the organizational strategies and structures. For the achievement of purpose and goals, organizational development is necessary; managers and employees together design the strategies that re effective for their organization, strategies need to designed that are in the favor of all the stakeholders, strategies should be made or designed according to the socio-technical system so that organization should be benefited. There is need to understand the actors who are responsible for the attainment of the goals.

After understanding of the managerial relationships and organizational development, I know I can participate better towards achieving the organizational goals; I have the understanding of root definition that how transformation could be achieved and how human activities could be managed well. Organizational development (OD) and organizational transformation (OT) is important in any organization, organizational development should be practice and need to changes with the change of time. In an organization, OD is managed from the top, it should be planned for the long-term effects, there is need to focus internally, it is a proactive approach, it should be normal, stable and process oriented.

While OT is unplanned, dramatic, and reactive and for short-term goals, there is the external focus, it is unstable and outcome oriented. By using behavioral science knowledge, we can increase the organizational effectiveness from OD, as it has become a significant approach and its enable organizations to work more effectively. OT is an aspect through organization can deal with the crises and external factors. Organizational management becomes clear to me after the understanding of OT and OD; I know in future these approaches will be helpful for me as OD and OI have given me knowledge about facts.

While reading the course, I am also able to manage the functions of team members as a leader and as a change agent. I know as a leader it is my responsibility to manage the staff effectively, I have to perform the specialist role effectively, in a way OD skills could be achieved. I have to understand the roles, values and ethics in an organization to achieve the efficiency in productivity. It is my responsibility as a leader to play a role of change agent; I can improve the working of an organization through building trust and coloration in my team members, through creating a culture of openness, where everyone feels free to share his feelings and ideas. I will respect all the team members from various groups; I have learned to deal the members with equality and fairness because if members know they are equal then their trust towards leader and organization will be increases and their performance will be effective.

I have learnt that proper management is needed to build the vision; to have a vision is important for the attainment of organizational goals; through creating a vision or picture, organizational members become ambitious and work hard for desirable future, structured organizational can attain its goals properly, as members are directed towards aims and objectives. I come to about my personality as personal traits play an important role in the effective leadership, through the behavioral approach and effective management styles a person or manager can serve his organization in the best way. I know how to manage my behavior, as a leader in case of in-group and out-group; employee performance could be better if there is freedom because they will contribute freely towards goals and if there understands of the transactional leadership.

This course has given me the insight to recognize others and myself as I have gain a better capability to understand others, for the efficiency of an organization, to understand your employees or team members are important. I got knowledge that how an organization work perfectly, I know this course will be helpful for me in the future, as I have got a perfect understanding that how to make organizational performance effective and how to achieve organizational goals. My personality has groomed now and I am ready to start my career.  I feel this course is very important for all business students as the course gave complete understandings about managerial functions and organizational principles.

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