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Student Self Assessment and Reflection Example

Experience-Based Final Reflection of Student


Based on my past semester experienced I have surprised to see improvements in my knowledge andOdd Jobs Competitive Advantage and Marketing Strategies Summary abilities. I have surprised to see that my communication skills have improved in the last semester. I have analyzed my talent and values in the last semester. I have learned how to coordinate with others in a better way. I have learned that how maximum knowledge can be gained from the courses.  Last semester courses and assignments helped me to improve my capabilities and understanding abilities. Now I am able to understand complex situations. I am able now to lead a team.

Last semester experience has provided me skills to coordinate different group members together for the common goal. Now I have improved my communication skills. Now I am able to communicate freely and confidence with other people around them. The first-year experience was good as per communicating with my teachers and friends. It helped me to improve my oral presentation. Last year experience has also improved my written communication skills. Different assignment and exams helped me to improve this skill. But I am also weak in few skills like problem-solving. I think it is my biggest limitation.

I cannot resolve a complex problem or situation in a better way. I have to consult with my friends in this regard. I think that there is a need to improve a few areas of my skills and capabilities for providing myself better and competitive for King College. I think that I have to improve my knowledge. I am not much social and I think that social connections are important for sharing and gathering knowledge. I think that I have to improve my knowledge in order to suit myself for this college.

Understanding of Others:

Understanding others is another important skill that should be established for better results. Understanding others is worthy in the employment level too. For performing better in college, I have to understand others too. I have planned to understand others by listening to them. Listening is important for understanding others. One should not only listen to his voice only. It is important to listen to the views and opinion of other people at the college for understanding them better. Their suggestions and ideas are important for understanding them. Communication also helps in understanding people.

For connecting with other people, one of a good strategy is to meet them. Social interaction with people would help to understand them. For connecting with people, it is important to develop a better relationship with them. It is important to help other people at the college for better understanding them. These all strategies would help to understand people at the King College. It will help to better perform in the college after understanding them.

Life Knowledge:

When I arrived at King College, I was so egotistic and arrogant. I do not believe on making new friends, because the experiences I have in past been not good. When I arrived I do not consider what people are thinking about time or what they are taking, I some myths, and self-confidence. However, soon I realized in the premises of college that being egoistic and arrogant will give you nothing, as everybody has his/her own ego or attitude over her. To be in the group or to make the friends in class there is need to be kind with everyone. I started on thinking on the various perspectives, that how others are behaving in the college and what is my attitude. I changed myself because no one bothered me.

However, as I change my habit, I have to work a lot on it; it is very hard to work on own-self or to change the mind and habits but I did this, to become a compassionate person, I worked on myself and research about the things and make myself according to what college demands. Teacher are also in favor of the student tithe re humble in nature, I realized soon that there is no need of a person who is arrogant or have own way of living or thinking, the life was more stressful till I haven’t changed myself.

Long-term Perspectives:

After I had he exams in the college, I wasn’t get the good result because, I wasted my days and nights in doing various activities, as played, gossips with the friends, and after the exams, I have realized that my friends have taken good marks in the exams, because they are focused and give the time to study as well. They know how to manage the things, they have balance the friendship life, games and studies together, and they are well aware of how to manage the thing. However, I was lacking in management, this was the reason my result was not good, and I got the bad marks. After that, I have realized I have to manage the things if I have to stay motivated in studies.

To stay on my path, I have to stay determined about my future, and perspective that I have, there is need to explore and experience about the things, for the future career goals, to have the adequate knowledge about the unique opportunities and the global experiences is important. The calling career is beneficial for the growth of my future, and it helped me to stay connected with life goals.

I still do not understand that on which subject I have to focus more, or which industry will be suitable for me. There is a need of guidance and proper understanding so that I can learn more about the things and decide better for me.

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