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Stress Management at Workplace Article

Stress Management at Work place

Workplace stress occurs when there is a conflict between employer demands from the employee and control. Stress Management at Workplace ArticleEmployee wellness programs are tailored to match the workforce needs through a matrix of seamless environmental, preventive, clinical among others so as to optimize health and performance.  The elements of these programs entail coaching, program review and communication plans.

The social activities of workers outside office break barriers between departments and peers and reinforce company tradition thus causing happiness, harnessing bonds and deepening engagement.

Office environment is key for a culture of high performance. Work environment points to the power of autonomy, motivation and happiness thus optimizing productivity. This leaves the workforce more satisfied, creative and motivated.

On the other hand, flexible schedules tend to increase the commitment to organization, engagement and employee morale. It also reduces the tardiness and absenteeism thus adding the potential for further recruitment. This in turn leads to reduced turnovers and add value to staff.

It’s a combination of these attributes that sustain productivity of the work force else going to work becomes a routine.

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