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Scrabble Activity

Scrabble Activity

Visual Aid Uses

Level : Class 4

Time; 40-45 minutes

Material Needed




Excellent vocabulary building exercise can be done through certain popular board games such as scrabble or lotto.



Every letter will have a square ruled into ray 36 small square teacher will call out a succession of letters and the learners will put each of those as they will be called in on one of their small squares they will build words they know both down and across.

If the first 12 letters are E, T, U, A, P, Q, M, E, R, S, F, and Y three different cubes will be look like.

Scrabble Activity

A has formed 3 words and will make teapot and safest.

B has 2 words pet & Ears and will make another word that is queue.

C has no he but will make please and fuss.

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