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Sam’s Auto Sales Company Internship Experience Report

I have learnt a lot through my internship experience, I have learnt that how to communicate andSam’s Auto Sales Company Internship Experience Report behave with the peer group, at Sam’s Auto Sales Company I have got experience of installation and network designing. Many of the key events gave me important concepts and knowledge about the facts that how work is done as I have the presentation in front of CEO of the company about the network. I have got various skills, which are important as an engineer and which will be helpful in my life as I learnt about the problem-solving techniques etc.

In the week 2 and 6, I become successful in achieving my goals which I have decided to achieve, my goals was to improve the skill regarding professional communication, as before internship in Sam’s Auto Sales Company I don’t know that how professionally one should behave, through doing internship my skills are enhanced. My skills improve because on weekly basis there were discussion and information regarding the tasks, one have to discuss or give presentation about the computer network design and the maintenance in an appropriate or professional way.

I also have some more goals, which are achieved through the internship as I want to improve my skill in problem solving or wanted to learn the techniques of problem solving. However, for an engineer it is important to learn that how problems could be solved and networks could be secured. I have improved problem solving learning, so that the things could be beneficial for me, now I know how to deal with the natural disasters or how to maintain the network regarding different issues.

I want to conclude that I have accomplish all my goals which I have decided to achieve, it is the responsibility of engineer to have all those skills that are important or could be beneficial in the future so one could get able fulfill the responsibilities.

I have bring many applied and transferable skill that could be important for me and the other people, as I have bring to the internship are my knowledge, skill and networks that I have learned through studying the course, as an engineer I feel my responsibility towards the people I am going to serve, I have learned about the new technologies, which are important and are useful in the modern market. However, I have practiced various concepts of my course that I have studied. I believe that engineering knowledge and skills are important to learn if one wants to meet the need of time and if one wants to be successful in professional or career life.

I feel that for any network engineer it is important to learn about the network and security, which I am not taught at the Sam’s Auto Sales Company, nowadays, security and network is a bigger threat, my skills needed to improved in this ways, as I do not have the clear knowledge that hw to deals with the aspects of security or network. However, there are needs to know about the networks because if network fails all work or production of the company can be stopped and there could be losses, in my point of view this skill regarding network or security need to be learned. Moreover, Auto Sales Company has not properly secured their system; there could be problems, they need to work on this perspective so the system could be secured because shortage of resources or security problems can create issues in the future.

Throughout the internship I have leant skill, at Sam’s Auto Sales Company engineers can learn or can get the skill which could be beneficial for the future process, however, I have learnt that about the professional communication, security skill, how presentation can be done etc. I come to know about the rules and regulation of the company that what are working environment and what needed to be followed or done. I have learnt the professional behavior that has make me able to work with multinational or other government companies.

In Sam’s Auto Sales Company, I have got the experience that how confidentiality need to be maintained and how company manages its function, as the manager assigned me task so my professional skills could be improved, the responsibilities were regarding installing, designing, maintaining, configuring, analyzing, etc. I come to know how to repair networks or application component, the internship has prepared me for the future that how dynamic network could be managed at the professional level. With the help of peer and professional I come to know about the company network and my professional and communication skills have been enhanced. However, as a network engineer I can now value my company in which I am going to work, all the process related to ethics or confidentially issues are now cleared to me.

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