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Sample Resume Template Example



11917 93RD LN NE APT.

302, KIRKLAND. WA 98034

(425) 698-0381



My long term career goal is to contribute to human advancement, may it be technological (design better programs for designers to use) or human well-being (both mental and physical, such as designing the space effectively that could have psychological impact on the occupants) while short-term goal is continuously improving myself, act like a sponge and keep absorbing knowledge, so that one day I can contribute to where my knowledge is most needed.


  • Master of Architecture from Washington State University
  • BS in Architectural Studies
  • Minor in Construction Management
  • HS Diploma
  • “LEED certification prep class from California State University, Chico
  • Cumulative GPA: 3.840
  • Major Courses:
  1. ARCH 570 Adv Arch Design Studio I – A
  2. ARCH 531 Advanced Tectonics – A
  3. ARCH 571 Adv Arch Design Studio II – A
  4. SDC 473 Professional Practice – A
  5. ARCH 530 Phil Built Environment – B+


  • Intern Architect at Arcplus Group Plc. Shanghai, China from 6/2017 to 7/2017
  • Summer 2015 with BCJ Architects to develop a STEM school on an abandoned marine storage spot near the waterfront. Seattle, WA (6 weeks)
  • Summer 2018 with GBD Architects to develop Gantry Plaza in south waterfront, Portland


  • Solar Decathlon 2017 (H.O.P.E House)
  • WSU Portfolio Competition 2016
  • Senior Capstone (BLOCK 52)
  • China-aid project – Outpatient Center for Infectious Disease of Mauritania (Doctor Dormitory Building)
  • WSU selected Top 10 Student Design – 2015 (Presented and displayed at “CUB” Student Centre
  • 3rd Place – 2016 (Out of 59 entries, juedged by design professionals from
  • Seattle area)
  • 3rd Place as a Lead Designer – 2017 (Collaborative design with CM students, placed 2nd in group and 3rd overall, judged by property owner Vulcan Construction and design professionals from Seattle area)
  • Bid Winner as the Lead Designer – 2017 (The domitory building is a part of the hospital complex, which was given to me as a solo design opportunity during the internship at Arcplus with very strict muslim requirements. Recently won the bidding, judged by Mauritania government officials)


  1. Summer 2014 Study Abroad to Paris, France. 2 weeks (Interdisciplinary: Architecture +Interior Design)
  2. Spring 2018 Study Abroad to Jordan, Middle East. 2 weeks (Arch)
  3. Spring 2016 Trip to Los Angeles, CA. 2 weeks (Interior)
  4. Spring 2015 Trip to Chicago, IL. 2 weeks (Interdisciplinary: Arch+ID+Landscape)
  5. Spring 2018 Trip to New York. 2 weeks (Interdisciplinary: Arch+ID+Landscape)


  • Fixing and building computers
  • Advanced
  • Microsoft Office
  • Rhino
  • Sketchup
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Lumion Rendering
  • Sefaira
  • Intermediate
  • Autocad
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • Revit
  • Personal
  • Reliable, logical, and Strategic Person
  • Excel at making objective observations/decisions which makes me a natural researcher with unending curiosity
  • Languages
  • Mandarin (Native Proficiency)
  • Shanghainese (Native Proficiency)
  • English (Fluent Proficiency)
  • Japanese (Novice Proficiency)

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