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Sample One Act Play

Keep Silence


Main Library.

Character: Mr. Chips: Librarian

Assistant Librarian: Mosaic

Students: Selene and Frito

Mr. Chips was librarian. He was fat and fifty of age and he was also known as angry old man. He had problem that he could not hear properly and often left his ear machine at home which cause funs and comedy in library. He used to say Keep Silence!!

On one foggy winter morning Mr. Chips came to library.

Mr. Chips: Hello to all
All young workers: Hi, how are you?
Mr. Chips: There is no respect of elder now-a-days. People does not give answer of greeting and direct comes to chit chat. Disgusting young generation.
Mosaic: [Aside] I think Mr. Chips. Forgot his ear machine at home as usual.
Mr. Chips No, no sir, you are very right.
Mr. Chips Yeah, I know. I am always right.
Mr. Chips Went to office to check the attendance register and came back with anger.
Mr. Chips: Mosaic! Why you become so irregular?
Mosaic: No, sir, there is no holiday me in this month.
Mr. Chips: So, why I marked your absent for five days?
Mosaic: Sir I told you yesterday that salma was on leave for five days.
Mr. Chips: Salma Oh! I think there was spelling misunderstanding. Actually your name is similar to salma so, there might be spelling mistake.
Mosaic: (Aside)  And hearing mistake as well.
Mr. Chips: (Angrily) What!?
Mosaic: No, sir, you are right.
Next day Mr. Chips came early because he has to manage some books in English section and it is very important to mention that he was not good enough to manage books.
Students of English Department arrived in library to issue a book.
Selene: Hello Mr. Chips Sir!
Mr. Chips was busy in managing book which was very hand task for him.
Selene: (Loudly) Mr. Chips
Mr. Chips turned angrily.
Mr. Chips: Shhhh!! Keep silence, Don’t you know the etiquettes of library?
Selene: Sir I you call you twice but you did not hear.
Mr. Chips: What do you mean. I cannot hear properly?
Selene: Laugh [Aside] Yes sir
Mr. Chips: Disgusting young generation!
Selene: Sir has you forget your machine…..?
Suddenly Mr. Chips cried.
Mr. Chips: Which machine do you want here?
Selene: [Aside] Ear Machine
Frito: Suddenly interrupted
Frito: Sir, please give me paradise lost by John Milton.
Mr. Chips: Ok wait for 10 minutes.
Selene: It means half an hour.
Mr. Chips: Sahale came with book in his hand after 25 minutes.
Mr. Chips Sir: Here is the book.
Frito: Thank your sir.
Mr. Chips: Take this book to Mosaic. He will issue you this book.
Frito: Check book and suddenly cried.
Frito: Sir I have asked you for Paradise lost and you are giving me Pride and Prejudice after 25 minutes.
Selene: Starts laughing and Mr. Chips as usual did not accept his fault.
Mr. Chips: You asked me for pride and Prejudice.
Frito: No sir, I asked for paradise lost, you can ask from sir Salman as well.
Mr. Chips: Starts staring sir Mosaic.
Mosaic: Get confused.
Mr. Chips: Sir Mosaic.
Mosaic: No, sir, you are right as always.
Frito: Gave book back to Sir Mosaic and Selene again starts laughing.
Mr. Chips: [Loudly] Keep Silence!!
Disgusting young generation.
Sir Mosaic: Give right book to Frito and they left English section and starts talking about Mr. Chips.
Frito: He always used to do this and he never admits his fault.
Mosaic: Actually, it was not his fault.
Selene: Yes, it was not his mistake. All fault is of his ear machine.
Suddenly books fell down from Frito’s hand and it makes noise.
Sir Mosaic: Shhh!! Keep silence!!
They start laughing.
Sir Mosaic: Mr. Chips is very integral and part of our library which make our library interesting place to visit and everyday give us lot of reason to laugh.
Selene and Frito left library laughing with silence.

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