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Sample HR Manager Interview Questions and Answers

PSYCHOLOGY ASSIGNMENT on Sample HR Manager Interview Questions and Answers

To visit any HR department and to conduct interview from the HR manager

Our visit to HR department

A visit was made December to an organization by the students of. The interviewer hold a prestigious position in the organization. The owner able interviewer welcomed our queries warmly. The interview was conducted in a very friendly. Following questions were asked by us;

  • Do you prefer tests?
  • What type of psychological tests
  • What is the portion of personality assessment and technical assessment in your interview and tests?
  • What kind of personality do you prefer?
  • Do you prefer I.Q or E.Q? State the reason.
  • Do you prefer panel interview or individual interview? State the reason.
  • Importance of communication skills
  • Are majority of Pakistani candidates worthy or not with respect to personality?
  • Any interesting interview you want to share with us.
  • What do you suggest us for our personality grooming?
  • Any tip for giving a good interview.


 Interview of HR manager

What role does psychology play in HR:

Human Resource has become an integral part of the corporate world. No organization can function without it. The Human Resource function continues to evolve into an absolute science, with a strong influence of psychology.

Psychology plays a vital role in the beginning itself, for instance, when it comes to selection, recruiting and training employees, psychology is needed. Psychology will assist recruiters in choosing the right employee. There are many tools, which will check the employee’s intelligence, his or her attitude and the way of thinking. When these factors are studied well, the organizing will end up having only the best of best employees, and eventually it will help the organization develop better.

What is your Selection criterion?

Selection is totally on merit based well defined and organized .for the sub ordinates staff qualification is under metric gratification and intermediate no experience is required for this. Executive credits qualification is at least master and special preference is given to the person has experience and has specialize in some other degree e.g. LAW, MBA etc.


Do you prefer test?

The basic criteria are to pass NTS but experience in the relative field holds more importance. We also consider qualification and discipline.

Psychological test?

We have no specific psychological test.  Only the interview conducted by the panel manifests the person’s traits.

Prefer EQ or IQ?

IQ weighs higher as compared to the EQ, for the fresh graduates having no work experience IQ is preferable.

What kind of personality you prefer?

People with multitasking skills, intelligence and greatly familiar with the demands of their relevant field are preferable. Experience is appreciated also their ability to manage large number of people is required in this job.

Personality assessment = 60 %

Technical assessment = 40 %

Prefer panel interviews or individual interviews?

We prefer panel interviews.


In individual interview a single person cannot judge about your entire personality but in panel interview a group of people can easily analyze your entire personality on the basis of their requirements. Each member of panel concentrates on every aspect of your personality including your gestures, your conversation skills and your body language.

How much Communication skills are important?

Communication skills are very important. Communication is a bridge between you and other people for understanding .if your communication is persuasive then people can easily understand what you want to say. You can express your ideas. You must know in which way you can communicate effectively.

Any interesting incident regarding interview?

Last year a candidate submitted his CV where he had mentioned his earlier experience of about 7 years in an organization which had been established for not more than 5 years and fortunately I also had been part of that organization.


 Is there any gender discrimination in the organization?

Since it’s a field job so it requires traveling, transfer from one city to another so mainly we hire males but if a female readily falls to our criteria then there is no hesitation. Normally there are men but females also maintain their presence in the organization.

What do you suggests us for our personality grooming

Reasoning judgment is very important for a good personality.

  • Communication skills.
  • Confidence
  • Maturity in ideas.
  • Presentable personality,

As a Muslim make sure the conformity of Islamic rules and regulation in your daily life for a decent personality.


Any Tips for giving a good inter view

Basic tip for any interview is your confidence, your outlook. One has to remain honest in his opinions without any fear of being rebuked or entering into an argument. One has to have proper knowledge to defend his argument, be logical, rational and composed.

Our Opinion About This Project

We find our project very interesting and refreshing. It enables us to build our confidence level and to embellish our exposure. It will also be helpful in our future as we got many tips to groom our self.

This project also provides the students to show up their capabilities. It also encouraged us to communicate and interact with different people. so on the whole it was a good experience as we gained so much knowledge.

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