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Role of The Consumer Behavior In Marketing Nokia Phones

Role of The Consumer Behavior In Marketing Nokia Phones


Role of the consumer behavior in Marketing NOKIA phones describes Buying Behavior is the decision processes and acts of people involved in buying and using products. Consumer Buying Behavior refers to the buying behavior of the ultimate consumer. The study of consumer behavior provides us with reasons why consumers differ from one another in buying using products and services.

Mobile Users today want their handsets to be converged devices handling multiple functions, entertainment being the most important among them. They want their mobile to be fully loaded with top-end features, but they want all that at affordable costs. The whole process of buying mobile phones has changed in the last few years. The reason for this change is the fast technological development of the phones and consumer’s attitudes towards mobile phones. All the mobile cellular companies especially Nokia are designing their products to meet all the requirements desired by their customers such as features, appearances, battery backup, audio output and software compatibility of mobile. Nokia consists of demo-graphical forces, economical forces, natural forces, social-cultural forces and technological forces and keeping in view for designing new phones. Age, sex, income, occupation, religion, family set up, social status and culture of the society of the consumer is also taken into consideration before designing new phones. Psychological factors, personal factors, social factors and cultural factors influence the consumer behavior greatly.

Nokia is the market leader in mobile telephone device manufacturing industry in the world. Nokia include the relative perception of the consumer as to what unique features that are not found in competitors’ products have been embodied in the new product. The pricing strategy for Nokia is based on market penetration. Nokia identify and address safety related concerns with specific focus on marketing outcomes. Operational ease and price are two attributes that are most valued by the customers followed by looks of the handset and multiple functionalities like digital camera, music player and games etc.

Nokia know the legal environment because it constitutes as “the rules of the game”. Health regulations are also important, because of the danger of mobile phone radiation and Nokia is trying to handle it.

Nokia also identifies key aspects for a consumer that a mobile phone need to have. It also focuses what are consumer’s motivations to buy a specific mobile phone. Nokia made the purchasing of its mobile phones very easy. Nokia stresses on continuous feedback from customers. Many people are buying Nokia mobile phones by the encouragement of other users of Nokia. According to the consumer behavior of Nokia, the marketing campaign provides more information than before as discussed in above lines the Role of the consumer behavior in Marketing NOKIA phones.

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