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RFP Services Quality Criteria

Request for Proposal

RFP Product or Services: 

As an It manager of my company, I have designed the IT project calls, so that the organization canRFP Services Quality Criteria get the benefits, however, for the benefits multiple bidders and perspectives were concerned so that the solutions can be there, which includes the multiple or mix of the technologies. For my company, I want the hardware and software, which could be a new system for the training and to retain the employees, the new system is wanted in the organization and we want to move from the paper-based system to the computer-based system, which is important for  the benefits. For that, I made the RFP so that the users can be trained and establish or integrate the new system for the company.

Criteria Need to be Using to Rate The Product or Service:

We contact to single vendors also, so the skills of the RFP needed to be evaluated, the product can decide the success or failure of the product or the IT solutions, the design should be properly made and because it needed then to evaluate and implement. The pricing and technical details will be considering while rating the product, we will choose the best product, which is best in the quality, and pricing, we will follow the format that is the training operation has the future progress or not. We are cost conscious and want to do meetings with the vendors so that the best can be chosen (Bates & Smith, 2010).

Importance of Criteria for Company’s Strategy:

To set criteria in the company strategy, for the RFP is important because it is the best method to buy the product, it is the purchasing power with the suppliers. Moreover, in this case, the suppliers provide the best product at the best cost. However, RFP is the process to get the most value product and service, the higher the quality of the RFP can decide the higher quality of the proposal that company could get. Criteria needed to be set for the short-term and long-term efficiency in the business processes. Moreover, an interest of both parties can be made, through the RFP strategies.

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