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Should the U.S. Ban or Severely Restrict GMO Foods

Role of U.S for GMO Foods

Firstly define what GMO foods are;

Genetically modified food means that scientist combines the genes of one product with other and develop a new form of food having some new specification on it. Before few decades, when such type of product comes than it was considered a big achievement in the field of food but with the passage of time different aspects of GM foods come and scientist research on these aspects for the improvements and verify the effects of food on a human being.

Goldberg, a plant molecular biologist at the University of California, Los angles considers that the production of genetically modified foods is not too much beneficial for humans. They create in the body of human beings different diseases which adversely affect them. Another cellular biologist David William, who is specialist in this vision said that every new coming science gives more focus on this technology. We know that when we enter genes into genome according to different insertions different results can be found. He said that I also want to ask questions about the safety of GM foods but all those companies who sell these foods give more attention to their safety and production methods with many research centers.

Despite the question rising by Goldberg or William, we have to consider the safety of GM food but we should not challenge the genetic basis of world’s food supply because millions of people have no issue by eating such food. A U.C. Berkeley agricultural and environmental economist, Zilberman says that with the usage of GM foods the price of good going to be lower and more people can purchase who were die with a deficiency or lower consumption of food.

The United Nation Food and Agriculture organization considered that after 20 to 30 years such type of food should be grown up to 70% because of changing the climate and land structure in different countries. But with keeping this thought in mind, many countries strictly banned and shunning GM foods. In the U.S. almost all crop and soybeans are modified but Europe eight countries banned GM foods and also in Asia including India and China Many GM foods are strictly banned. In Africa, where there is a huge shortage of food, many countries refuse to supply food because of its low prices.  A tenth of world’s cropland produce GM foods, in United States, Brazil, Canada and Argentina grow almost 90% GM foods but with the increase of usage, voices against the safety of GM foods also raise. When first tobacco plant comes on the market after modification, many celebrity chefs against such tobacco and in the survey of 1997, 69 % people were against GM foods because of safety purpose.

The attitude of Europe would change when they realize the benefits of GM foods. Africa Also follows America and not use GM foods but according to scientific research, no any food is fully safe and we have no measurements to find any food 100% safe for a human being.

Selective breeding of plants may change their effects and normally scientist uses mutagenic techniques to scramble the DNA of plants with chemicals and radiations for producing GM foods.Scientist in regard says that we know very well what change occurs and what not if we insert the DNA of plant in different ways. We study the activity of every single gene and its reaction when it met with the genome. In some cases, viruses insert in plants and react with the DNA of plants and produce food that would be used by different peoples.

Alan McHughen says that mother elements of plants always exist but with interaction with other features more changes can occur. From past few decades, every food used by people includes any ingredients which are genetically modified and people used that type of food. Mark Lynas, an anti-GM activist switch to support the GM foods because not a single case could be seen due to genetic alteration. European Commission found more than 130 research projects at which more than 500 people work clearly explain that no any type of special risk related to GM foods. According to director of biotechnology at the center of science in the public interest , a science base consumer watchdog group in Washington, Gregory Jiffer states that there is no officially pro and corn related to genetically modified food, scientific record clearly show that such food is safe in use and not show harmful effects on human body.

The American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Medical Association, the National Academy of Science, all focus on the usage of GM foods.  The U.S. Foods and Drug Administration with all branches in different countries prove that no any harmful threat found in GM foods and can be useful in our daily life.

A lot of anti-GM campaigners try to prove that genetically modified have the harmful disease but they all fail because they fail to provide all visible research information regarding their thoughts and different research centers refuse their information.

Different thoughts are come related to GM foods and scientists of different sectors with the help of research prove that how much GM food is safe and has no harmful effect. Also, verify the long-term effects on human health. With the change in environment, human health also faces different changes, not because of GM foods.

Now we consider the thought of U.S. people, before many decades, people feel threat while using GM foods and protest against these foods and lose suffer many companies who work in supply of this food but after studying many research reports and after verifications of research centers people willing to use GM foods without any question and satisfied with their production and quality. So, U.S. should not ban genetically modified food for daily use. Much anti-GM food researchers still work on their thought but till now no any authentic prove declared the disadvantage of GM food. And because of its low price, very poor people can excess and feed himself.

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