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Research Methodology Example

Research Methodology Example

Research Methodology

Research Questions

  1. Regarding focus on the brand awareness of customers, what are the effects of social media marketing?
  2. Regarding focus on the purchasing decision of customers, what are the effects of social media marketing?
  3. What is the degree of customer trust?
  4. How customers in marketing, through social media can be affected by various factors?


Hypotheses could be explained as the tentative explanation, which can account for the set of facts on which tests and further investigation can be implemented.

  • H1: The decisions of customers, so that positive /negative effect on purchasing of social media can be known.
  • H2: The brand awareness of customers due to campaigns or social media marketing.
  • H3: To know about the trust level of customers.
  • H4: Identification of the social media marketing, some factors can affect the customers.

Descriptive Study

  • Research Method And Design

The research method is used:

  • In order to describe variables or
  • In order to examine the relationships, which is among variables or
  • In order to determine the cause-and-effect interactions that can be between variables

Thus, through the research method, there can be the better understanding of the social media marketing and the effects that can be on the customers. Moreover, a quantitative approach and quantitative approach or research are focused on the systematic process, so that information regarding numerical data can be obtained.

The basic quantitative data that can be used in the collection instrument is known as the questionnaire. However, the questionnaires could be structured and objective, which helps to gather the data or can be used to calculate the result from the people, in this way, there can be the better understanding of the research.

Source Of Data Collection

In the research, for the aspect of the collection of the data and information, there can be the two main sources, which are known as primary data and secondary data:

  • Primary Sources

can be done through the questionnaire; one can collect one’s own primary sources through addressing the analytical aspects.

  • Secondary Sources

can be said for the theoretical aspect of the research, in which there is the already introduced researchers examples, the journal articles, books, and references or the reports etc.

Research Sample And Size

The simple random sampling approach is used.

Data Collection

The data collection was done by the Google drive forms, as there was the online survey so that customers from Libya or targeted audience can be inspected.

The data collection questionnaires were based on the 16 questions, as the demographic was the first questions, in order to get the better understand of the target audience who are answering about the impact of the social media marketing.

On social media channels, the questionnaires were distributed, in order to know about the people perceptions, which use various types of social media, thus the questionnaire was there online for a week.

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