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Recruitment of Management Trainee Officer – Hypothetical Scenario

Recruitment of Management Trainee Officer - Hypothetical Scenario

Executive Summary

“Don’t hire the most qualified, hire the craziest” – Jack Ma

This report is about developing a hiring process of a organization. This report is about development of recruitment and selection process for MTO positions in HM group of companies. The project is about applying the theoretical learning to a practical so students can have competitive advantage during their professional life. The process started from job posting, advertisement, CVs collection, Shortlisting of CVs, Assessment Test, Assessment Center, Panel interviews, Background check, job offered, offer letter. We have to recruit 44 persons for MTO positions from Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Peshawar.

Recruitment Strategy

Hiring Time Period:-

Job vacancy advertisement was posted on 9th March,2015 on HM career portal i-e www.HM.pk/career and last date to apply was 7th April, 2015. Selection process started from 15th April, 2015 and ended on 20th May, 2015.

Sources of Recruitment (Internal versus external):-

  • Both candidates eligible to apply. Internal and external both candidates are encouraged to apply.
  • Placement Offices of Universities
  • Online Application at Career Section of Company’s website

Geographic Focus:-

  • Lahore
  • Karachi
  • Islamabad
  • Peshawar


General Manager HR is responsible for recruitment and selection process who is a Generalist whereas Recruitment officer will work under his supervision.

From Advertisement to Initial Interview, HR Department is responsible for identifying the right candidates for MTO positions in various departments of HM. However Line Mangers will help HR Department by providing them with information need to be present in ideal candidate.

In Panel Interview, Line Managers will actively involve in selec6tion of the final candidate.

Short listing Criteria:-

HM will shortlist candidates after receiving CVs/Resume’ on the basis of:-

  • Age
  • CGPA or Grades
  • Educational Qualification


HM Hiring Process

HM hiring process Composes following 6 steps:-

Recruitment of Management Trainee Officer - Hypothetical Scenario

Application Process Comprises following sections:-

  • Contact Information
  • Education
  • Resume/Attachments

Assessment – Test:-

HM uses online assessments which would comprise of quantitative, analytical, critical reasoning, IQ test and personality test.

Assessment Center:

HM uses group discussion and presentation among candidates in assessment center.

Panel Interview:-

In addition to more behavioral based questions, HM will get into more details around candidates’ skills and capabilities. 3 interviewers will comprise the panel. GM(HR), Line Manager of any Particular Function and Recruitment officer. Candidates can ask questions about unique culture, values and endless opportunities.


If candidate get through all phases of Hiring Process, he will be offered job through electronic mail and through offer letter sent to their postal address.


Following recruitment ad is published on company’s website


Why should you join HM?

At HM Group of Companies Pakistan, we are leading company in country with vast advancements in technology and we value employees.
Position Related:
-The TOP trainee position provides a platform to the individuals to develop themselves by implementing theoretical understandings in their practical and professional career.

Area of Interest:

HM Group of companies is seeking applications from fresh graduates with strong academic background for the position of Management Trainee Officer (MTO) in Key functional areas.

Eligibility Criteria:-

  1. Total Positions: 44
  2. Job Type: Permanent
  3. Job Location: Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar
  4. Gender: Male/Female
  5. Age: maximum 28
  6. Education: 4 Years Bachelors/Masters
  7. Minimum Experience:Fresh Graduates/ 1-2 Years of Relevant Experience
  8. Salary Level: Rs 25, 000 – Rs 35,000

Application Deadline: 7th April, 2015

Application Status: Make your profile at online job portal at www.HM.pk/career.

Curriculum Vitae Collection – Talent Pool

Job posted and published on 9th March,2015 and last date for application was 7rd April,2015. CV collection period was 30 days.

CVs collected from job posting:-

  • Lahore: 7000
  • Karachi: 5000
  • Islamabad: 3000
  • Peshawar: 2000

Total CVs Collect Talent Pool: 17000

Short listing techniques

Techniques Opted:-

  • Age – HM requiring candidate of age 21-28
  • CGPA – HM require candidate with 3.0 CGPA or more
  • Educational Qualification – Candidate should have a 16 years Bachelor degree/ Master degree.

Time Duration:-

  • CVS are shortlisted during period from 7th April to 15nd April
  • Shortlisted Candidates are communicate through electronic mail and letter on postal addresses.

CVs Shortlisted:-

  • Lahore: 2000 people have qualified to the next stage of short listing. 5000 people are disqualified due to age, CGPA and educational qualification.
  • Karachi: 1500 people have qualified for the next stage of short listing. 3500 people are disqualified due to age, CGPA and educational qualification.
  • Islamabad: 1000 people have qualified for the next stage of short listing. 2000 people are disqualified due to age, CGPA and educational qualification.
  • Peshawar: 500 people are qualified for the next stage of short listing. 1500 people are disqualified due to age, CGPA and educational qualification.

Electronic- Mail

This is sample email, it will be amended in each step as candidate made though each step of Hiring Process


Welcome on board!

Corporate HR team of HM Group of Companies would like to inform you on being successful through our 1st step of HM’s MTO Program 2015’s selection and assessment process. You are shortlisted for assessment test.

You are kindly requested to report to HM’s Assessment Test Venues for assessing your competencies against HM’s assessment test which would include quantitative, analytical, critical reasoning and IQ test. Details for test are as follows:

  • Day         :
  • Date       :
  • Duration :
  • Time       :
  • Venue     :

Note: Please bring the copy of this email along with the following (this step will be included in last step of hiring process along with offer letter), 

  • A copy of CNIC
  • Copy of latest transcript
  • Passport size photograph (1)
  • Copies of experience certificates
  • Original documents for verification purpose.

We look forward to having you as an integral member of the HM family.

Kindly acknowledge the receipt of this e-mail by replying to the same. 

Best Regards,

Recruitment Cell

Corporate HR

Assessment Test

There was an online test which includes quantitative test, analytical test, critical reasoning test, English test, IQ test. It would be an online test. 500 candidates appeared in test in one day. 5000 candidates appeared in test in 10 days. Assessment test was conducted in 10 days.

Assessment Test Schedule:-

  • Lahore: 500 students per day gave assessment test from 20th April – 23rd April
  • Karachi: 500 students per day gave assessment test from 24th April – 26th April
  • Islamabad: 500 students per day gave assessment test from 27th April – 28th April
  • Peshawar: 500 students per day gave assessment test from 29th

Candidates Passes in Test:-

  • Lahore: 25% (500 out of 2000) candidates failed in online test.
  • Karachi: 20% (300 out of 1500) candidates failed in online test.
  • Islamabad: 10% (100 out of 1000) candidates failed in online test.
  • Peshawar: 20% (100 out of 500) candidates failed in outline test

Assessment Test Venues:-

Lahore: Examination Hall – University of the Punjab

Karachi: Examination Hall – University of Karachi

Islamabad: Examination Hall – Quaid-e-Azam University

Peshawar: Examination Hall – University of Peshawar

Online Assessment Test

Candidate Information

Name: Registration# Candidate Signature:
Test Center: Position Applied for: Date:

Notice: Test will start sharply on 9 am and will end on 10:15 am


General Instructions:-

  • Switch Off your mobile phones.
  • Students must bring recent photo identification (photo ID) and should bring their registration receipt if they have one.
  • Photo ID might be held for the duration of the exam.
  • Students should arrive 30-45 minutes before the start of the exam for registration check.
  • For security reasons, students may take to their desks only the following items: two pens, their wallet, and the booklet and instruction sheet given to them before they entered the exam room.
  • All other items, including coats and jackets, should be put at the side or front of the room.
  • Students should turn off all electronic devices, especially cell phones (a cell phone turned to vibrate is also noisy).
  • Students will be required to leave all personal belongings — including purses, backpacks, and cell phones — at the side of the exam room.  We cannot take responsibility for the safety of these items; students are advised not to bring valuables to the LET.  Personal items may be reclaimed after the exam is finished.
  • Once the exam starts, students should not leave the exam room until they have completed and handed in the exam.

Instructions about Portions of Booklet:-

There are five sections in test which are:- quantitative test, analytical test, critical reasoning test, English test, IQ test

Section 1: Quantitative Questions (carries 25 Multiple Choice Questions)

Section 2: Analytical Portion (carries 25 Multiple Choice Questions)

Section 3: Critical reasoning (carries 25 Multiple Choice Questions)

Section 4: English (carries 10 Multiple Choice Questions)

Section 5: IQ test (Carries 15 questions)

Writing & Timing Instructions:-

  • Answer sheet will be provided separately. Don’t mark your answer on test booklet except lateral thinking questions which have to be answer in given space on test booklet and essay portion.
  • Fill the bubble answer sheet as:-
  • Fill the bubbles with pen or marker. Pencil not allowed.
  • Timing Instructions:-
  • Total 100 minutes for five sections

Assessment Test

Section 1: Quantitative

Consider the following equation. Solve for x:

  • x = y + 2
  • x = y + 4
  • x = 2y + 4
  • x = 2y + 6

The straight line 2x + 3y + 4 = 0 touches the x-axis at ?

  • x = 1
  • x = –1
  • x = 2
  • x = –2

Consider the larger circle and an inner circle. Point A is center of larger circle. If the line AB (not drawn) is 7 cm in length, then what is the area of larger circle.

  • 94 cm
  • 112 cm
  • 136 cm
  • 154 cm

What is the value of x in the following diagram?

  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8

What is the volume of a cylinder in cm3 whose radius is 2 cm, and height is 14 cm?

  • 176
  • 184
  • 192
  • 200

The ages of Sohail, Afzal and Bilal are 17, 16 and 12 respectively. If the age of Aslam also included the average of the ages is increased by 5. What is the age of Aslam?

  • 32
  • 33
  • 34
  • 35

In the diagram the length and width is given in cm. What is the area of the triangle?

  • 12 cm2
  • 14 cm2
  • 16 cm2
  • 18 cm2

A train travelled a distance of 6,000km from Lahore to Karachi in 22 hours. And during travel from Karachi to Lahore the train got late due to engine failure and reached Lahore in 28 hours. What is the average speed of train?

  • 180 km/hr
  • 200 km/hr
  • 220 km/hr
  • 240 km/hr

Suppose $1,500 is deposited into a savings account that earns simple interest at an annual rate of 10%. How much will be in the account after 5 years and 8 months?

  • $2250
  • $2300
  • $2350
  • $2400

If 6 men can complete a work in 15 hours. Then 10 men, working on the same speed, will complete the same work in _________ hours.

  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

 If 2 men and 3 women complete a task in 8 days and 4 men and 5 women complete a task in 12 days then how many women are required to complete a task in a day?

 3 years before Ali was 10 years older then Asif. Now Asif is 30 years old. What is the age of Ali?

 What is the root of 427716? a) 464  b) 356  c) 654

 if X=13 and Y=10 then what is the value of (X-Y)?

 There are 100 questions in GAT General Test, all the questions are in same category and Ali has only 120 minutes to answer them. how much time he has to pass on a single question?

 The average of five number is 75 then what is the sum of the numbers?

 In class A there are 55 students 60% are boys then how many girls are there?

 A triangle has <A= 40, <B=20, then what is <C?

 What is the area of a triangle with the following coordinates (0,0), (10,0), (5,5)?

 if 6876P=2 then P=?

 if it is march what month will be after the 50 months from now?

 What is the value of x in a triangle if <a=30, <b=70 and <c=x?

 What is the value of X if 3X+2 =81?

 If 2b = B and 2a=A then what is the value of AB

 If X2 = 21, then find the value of (X+1)(X-1)=?

Section 2: English

1.Don’t think there are no crocodiles because the water is calm.

  • Simple Sentence
  • Compound sentence
  • Complex sentence
  • Mixed sentence

2.If you fear God, you won’t fear humans.

  • Complement
  • Indirect object
  • Direct object
  • Subject

3.If you want to know what a man is like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.

  • Noun clause
  • adjective clause
  • Adverb clause
  • Noun phrase

4.Attack is the best form of defence.

  • Preposition
  • Adjective
  • Conjunction
  • Verb

5.An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

  • Adverb
  • Article
  • Interjection
  • Preposition

6.Do not look where you fell, but where you slipped.

  • Intransitive verb
  • Transitive verb
  • Auxiliary verb
  • Adjective

7.Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  • Infinitive
  • Participle
  • Gerund
  • Conjunction

8.Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

  • Assertive sentence
  • Interrogative sentence
  • Imperative sentence
  • Optative sentence

9.Oh! Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

  • Mixed sentence
  • Exclamatory sentence
  • Optative sentence
  • Assertive sentence

10.Life is what you make it.

  • Noun clause
  • Adjective clause
  • Adverb clause
  • Noun phrase

Pick the correct response from following sentence

11.Because of oil crisis, the prices of commodities are looking

  • at
  • on
  • up
  • to

12.I always praise him for his merits, but he always turns …………. you pointing out your demerits

  • at
  • to
  • on
  • for

13.What is antonyms of word Torsion

  • straightening
  • talk
  • turn
  • emotion

14.What is antonyms of word Mope

  • dirty
  • sweep
  • joke
  • sulk

Complete the following sentence

15.It is a

  • nice, new, red, blue shirt
  • nice, new, red and blue shirt
  • nice, new shirt red, blue
  • nice and new and red and blue shirt


  • he reached the college, it began to rain
  • we reached college, then it began to rain
  • we reached college, when it began to rain
  • had we reached the college, when it began to rain

17.What do you

  • say to a cup of tea
  • tell a cup of tea
  • utter to a cup of tea
  • narrate a cup of tea

18.It is time that

  • the children go to bed
  • the children went to bed
  • the children go to their bed
  • the children went to their bed

19.He exclaimed with shock

  • that it was a very tragic accident
  • that it is a tragic accident
  • that it was a tragic accident
  • it was a tragic accident

20.I don’t agree with you; I think

  • it is fairly good film
  • it is rather a good film
  • it is rather fairly good film
  • it is fairly rather good film

21.He speaks as if

  • he were the Director General in this office
  • he are the Director General in this office
  • he is the Director general in this office
  • he is the Director General in the office

22.I am afraid __________ cats.

  • to
  • from
  • of
  • with
  • by

23.We did not have __________ questions for the lecturer.

  • none
  • any
  • some
  • no
  • more

24.Octopuses have not only large brains __________ also a well-developed nervous system.

  • but
  • and
  • are
  • and have
  • or

25.The manager __________ everyone go home an hour early on Friday afternoon.

  • allowed
  • let
  • permitted
  • got
  • asked

Section 3: IQ

1). Who is inventor of Telephone?

  • Joseph Henry
  • Thomas Edison
  • Elisha Gray
  • Graham Bell

2). Which of the following is a blood group known as Universal Donor?

  • B
  • A
  • AB
  • O

3). Rabat is the capital of?

  • America
  • Morocco
  • Grenada
  • Haiti

4). What is the abbreviation of ECOSOC (UN)?

  • ASEAN-Australia Economic Cooperation Programme
  • ASEAN Business Advisory Council
  • Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East
  • Economic and Social Commission

5). Seat of International Court of Justice is located in?

  • New York
  • London
  • The Hague
  • Paris

6). In United Nations which of the following is not the principal organ?

  • Security Council
  • Trusteeship Council
  • General Assembly
  • All of these

7).1917 is the year of?

  • French Revolution
  • Russian Revolution
  • Glorious Revolution
  • Iranian Revolution

8). Suez Canal was built to link?

  • Indian Ocean with Red Sea
  • Black Sea with Pacific Ocean
  • Mediterranean Sea with Indian Ocean
  • Mediterranean Sea with Red Sea

10). At what figure Centigrade and Fahrenheit scales give same reading?

  • 40 degree
  • -40 degree
  • 35 degree
  • -35 degree

11). When and where Red Cross was formed?

  • 1864, Geneva
  • 1945, Geneva
  • 1888, Ottawa
  • 1864, Pearl Harbor

12). The first woman in world to become the Prime minister of a country was?

  • Golda Meir
  • Benazir Bhutto
  • Sirimao Bandara Naike
  • Margaret Thatcher

13). The first man to set foot on the Moon?

  • Konarov
  • Neil Armstrong
  • Edwin Aldrin
  • None of the these

14). The greatest river in the world is?

  • Indus
  • Nile
  • Amazon
  • Ganga Jamna

15). What was the old name of Sri Lanka?

  1. Burma
  2. Ceylon
  3. Batavia
  4. Rawan Lanka
Section: Critical and Analytical

Choose the correct answer from the given options.

  1. If a > b and b > a. Then ?
  • a = b
  • a b
  • Cannot be evaluated
  • Impossible

2. If a > b, b > c and d > a then ?

  • b < d
  • a < c
  • b > d
  • c > d

Question (3-7):
7 persons live in a street, having houses in line. Consider the following:

  1. A lives in the corner’s house
  2. C is between E and G
  3. There is 1 house between D and F
  4. F is neighbor of G
  5. There are two houses between A and G

Who lives in the second corner?

  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E

Who lives in the middle?

  • C
  • D
  • E
  • G

Who lives between B and G?

  • D
  • E
  • F
  • C

_________ is neighbor of A?

  • F
  • E
  • D
  • C

There are __________ houses between B and E?

  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

8. There has been a sharp increase in the subscription prices of many accounting school text books in the past five years. Many publishers ascribe the necessity for these increases to the easy availability of electronic books, which enable people to electronically copy the books they want rather than buying the printed text.

Which of the following, if true, would make this explanation more plausible?

  • The great majority of student texts have a massive backlog awaiting publication.
  • Over the past five years there has been a substantial decline in the number of accounting school students, while electronic books have remained fairly stable.
  • In the five years immediately preceding the price surge, there was a substantial decline in the number of accounting school students requiring text books, while electronic book subscriptions remained fairly stable.
  • Many electronic publishers have recently begun cutting back on subscriptions of accounting school text books.
  • In almost every publishing company, there has been an increase in the number of accounting school texts available in the past few years.

9. A pesticide producing company states that their unused pesticide that gets dumped does not pose a threat to the aquatic life in the surrounding area. If this is correct, then why have local fish been dying in this region? Due to the fact that the pesticide company is not located in a highly fish-populated area, they implicitly admit that the pesticides they produce are relatively dangerous to the nearby aquatic life.

Of the following statements listed below, which one would be most likely to weaken the argument of the author if it were true?

  • The possibility of pesticides filtering into the local water region was underestimated in the past.
  • Funds for environmental company cleanup, which concern waste dumps that are poorly run, are reserved for rural regions only.
  • It would be pointless to locate chemical dumps where they would be most harmful, unless they can be proven 100-percent safe.
  • Dumps that are located in areas without large fish populations have fewer government interventions and are also less expensive.
  • City people are most probable to sue the company if the dumps cause them health problems.

10. China wants to avoid financial collapse of their economy. In order to do this, China must raise their gross national product rate by 33 percent. China’s economy is structured so that if the 33 percent increase in GNP is reached, then it is possible for a 50 percent GNP increase.

Of the following statements listed below, which one must be true if is it to be believed that the above statements are also true?

  • If China’s 50 percent increase in GNP is unattainable, then its economy will collapse.
  • China’s GNP will not have a 50 percent increase if its economy falls.
  • The economy of China will not fall if it can obtain an increased GNP of 50 percent.
  • A 17 percent GNP increase will be unattainable if China continues to suffer national conflict.
  • A 71 percent increase is possible if the 33 percent brink is achieved, and the 50 percent GNP increase is attainable.

11. Estelle states: When I went fishing the other day, every fish that I caught was a salmon, and every salmon I saw I caught.

Of the following statements listed below, which one can be concluded from the observations of Estelle?

  • Salmon was the only fish that Estelle saw while she was fishing.
  • While Estelle was fishing, she caught no fish other than salmon.
  • In the area that Estelle fished, there were no other fish.
  • All of the fish that Estelle saw she caught.
  • Estelle did not see any other fish while she was fishing.

12. Either protesters must have restrictions placed on them, or particular revolutionary issues that arise in society will be used to destroy the country. Because allowing the occurrence of the revolutionary outcome is out of the question, we must restrict protesters.

The above conclusion is unsteady due to the fact that…

  • Protesters do not really want to demolish the country.
  • There is too much emphasis placed on the importance of protesting.
  • An accommodation is failed to be considered between both alternatives.
  • The reasons for protesting have not been defined.
  • Protesters are, in truth, a real threat to the country’s survival.

13. The quarterly food inspection performed by the local health team observes the customer reactions to fast food restaurants and family dining restaurants. However, during each inspection they discover that there are more reports of food poisoning found in the family dining restaurants than in the fast food restaurants.

Of the following statements, which one best clarifies the apparent paradox?

  • Customers are most likely to connect the illness they’ve experienced to their most recent meal if the illness has suddenly struck all of the people they ate with.
  • Customers complain less about the food poisoning they experience in fast food restaurants because they expect it.
  • More people choose fast food restaurants over family dining restaurants.
  • Food poisoning cases are not related to the time customers ate at the family dining restaurants, or to the number of people who all ate the same meal.
  • The family dining restaurants microwaves certain food items instead of cooking them on the stove.

14. We are well aware that there are warning signs concerning massive climate changes, and that these climate changes are reducing plant life. Many hopeful crop growers believe that there will not be an overall negative effect on the plant growth population due to the fact that rainfall should not be altered because of the climate changes. However, for the average plant, it is because of the climate change that agricultural technology has an overall yield in annual fluctuation.

On which of the following assumptions are these claims based?

  • There is not an accurate way to predict a climate change.
  • If patterns of rainfall began to shadow the climate changes, there would be supplementary damaging effects.
  • Improved yields grow highly unlikely if technology is significantly influential in spite of climate change.
  • Rainfall patterns are not as predictable as patterns of temperature.
  • Plant life is threatened more from cool temperatures than warm ones.

15. Different life forms such as animals and plants are known to have certain breeds that have extended life spans compared to that of humans. Due to this fact, scientists pass away before they are able to study the complete life cycle of these certain breeds. This being the case, a single breed may be inferred by observation over various life stages. Geology or astronomy can be applied to using the same method. Scientists can also use this method to learn about desert evolution and rock formations.

Concerning this passage, what assumption can be made evident?

  • The average subject uses the same ideals of observation.
  • Certain endangered breeds need to be studied more before they become extinct.
  • Various stage developments of different breeds are available to scientists as examples for both study and observation.
  • Through the use of today’s study technique there are many breeds in society that cannot be properly studied in the environment.
  • There are different techniques that scientists can use that are available in modern society.

16. A rich businessman runs a prosperous company. He is disappointed in his two children, Violet and Hazen, because he believes that neither of them presents the potential of having the ability to take control of his company. He thinks that both of his children lack common sense.

This belief formulates from the opinion that…

  • Violet and Hazen are ignorant to the experience of controlling the company.
  • Even a person who is not brilliant can control a company if she or he has been able to obtain an MBA.
  • In order to run a company, a person needs common sense.
  • If Hazen showed any sign of common sense, he would have the ability to aid Violet in controlling the company.
  • A committee with an average of three trained personnel could assist either Violet or Hazen in controlling the company.

17. The regulation that is proposed for dental insurance will contribute only small assistance to patients in the reduction of costs for regular dental care. Although the bill limits the amount that the dentist can charge for a regular visit, it does not limit the expense amount that they can charge if a patient is in need of a special procedure, and it doesn’t place any limits on the amount of times that the dentist may see a patient for the same occurring problem. This being the case, instead of the patient being charged once, the dentist can bill the patient numerous times, and the total costs will not reduce.

The above argument is opposed to the new legislation based on…

  • Identifying a loophole in the regulation proposal that allows dentists to charge patients the same amount of money on a continuing basis.
  • Implication that the regulation of dental care is impossible.
  • The suggestion that procedures which are specialized are frequently done when a simple, less-expensive procedure would work equally as well.
  • The suggestion that regular dental visits are much more expensive than specialized procedures.
  • The suggestion that patients cannot distinguish between what appropriate dental care expenses there are for any known dental problem.

18. The past three consecutive women’s U.S. tennis champions have all changed to Wilson’s new line of tennis rackets, exclusively made of oak wood for greater strength and durability. If this is the case, don’t you think it’s time to improve your tennis swing and trade your old racket in for a Wilson?

Which of the following claims is not made and cannot be used in conclusion to the above advertisement?

  • Previous U.S. tennis champions know a considerable amount about their equipment and the sport of tennis.
  • Rackets that are strengthened by oak wood are used exclusively in Wilson’s new rackets.
  • Oak-wood-strengthened rackets help to make tennis rackets durable and stronger, allowing the player to make powerful swings.
  • With Wilson’s rackets, you will improve your tennis playing.
  • The status achieved by the past three consecutive women’s U.S. tennis championships was due to the assistance of Wilson’s rackets.

19. My family doctor said that he would be performing a blood test on me when I visit him today. I know I will feel pain today.

The above argument depends on which one of these assumptions?

  • The use of a needle always causes pain in the patient.
  • The doctor will have a hard time finding the patient’s vein.
  • In the past, this patient has experienced pain at the family doctor.
  • The needle will leave a bruise.
  • The doctor will have to try different needles to perform the test.

20. An English school teacher requested her students to try and write children’s stories that are relevant to their everyday lives. The idea would be to give their stories a quality of “real life”. One of the students decided to base her story upon one of the fictional characters from her favorite novel.

Of the following criteria listed below, which would make the most logical sense as criticism against the student’s choice for her children’s story?

  • The writing techniques that are successful for one writer are frequently unsuccessful for another.
  • A story based entirely on the writer’s knowledge of characters from another novel is not likely to include the writer’s personal feelings of real life.
  • The author of her favorite novel would not allow the student permission to use their character.
  • Children’s story writing requires examination of the self in order to develop innovative and original ideas.
  • A writer should concentrate on developing themes of teaching and significance, instead of simply aiming for prominence.

21. A monopoly is distinguished through the decline or lack of competition. The MANG Company recognizes that its operations are within a competitive field.

Of the following conclusions, which one may be an implication of the above statement?

  • A one-seller market is the definition of a monopoly.
  • There is no family competition in the MANG Company.
  • The MANG Company’s focus is non-monopolistic.
  • The MANG Company operates within a service industry.
  • The MANG Company is owned publicly.

22. If Local AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) rehabilitation facilities are forced upon us-and society is determined that they should be forced-then it should be society that pays for them.

Which of the following statements would weaken the argument above?

  • Many groups have been convinced by a government committee that the local rehabilitation facilities are unsuccessful.
  • The cost of AA facilities is too high to be funded locally.
  • Rehabilitation facilities are supported by many neighborhood groups.
  • The expense to maintain an AA rehabilitation facility is too costly.
  • Alcoholics may not want to accept treatment.

23. Refer to the following passage for questions 16 and 17:

While traveling to Japan, a low-ranking US ambassador asked a Japanese official why Japanese people were so inscrutable. The official looked calm and friendly, responding in a gentle voice that he much preferred to think upon his race as inscrutable than of his race as wanting in perspicacity such as in Americans.

  1. Which of the following statements best describes the Japanese official’s comment?
  • All people are inscrutable, not just the Japanese.
  • Most Americans don’t understand Japanese culture.
  • What a person lacks in perception may be a result of the carelessness of the observer, instead of the obscurity within the object being observed.
  • The Japanese distrust American ambassadors.
  • If the East and West are ever to understand one another, there will need to be a much better cultural understanding.

24. Which of the following words best describes both the attitude and the response made by the Japanese official?

  • Fearful
  • Emotional
  • Angry
  • Indifferent
  • Compassionate

25. One day, a poet was requested to interpret an especially peculiar and obscure passage within one of his own poems. His response was “at the time that I was writing that particular verse, only God and myself knew its meaning. Now, it is only God who knows.”

What does the poet mean by his answer?

  • God is much wiser than people are.
  • Most people can’t understand poetry.
  • Poets don’t often know where their creative inspiration comes from.
  • Great poems are inspired by a muse.
  • The poet has forgotten the meaning of his own verse.

26. All birds have beaks, and all sparrows are birds, so all sparrows must have beaks.

What is the basis of this author’s argument?

  • Generalization
  • Syllogism
  • Special training
  • Induction
  • Ambiguity

27. Never again will you have to pay high prices for imported spring water. It is now bottled locally and inexpensively. You’ll never taste the difference, however. And if you’re likely to be embarrassed to serve domestic spring water, simply serve it in a leaded crystal decanter.

What is the assumption made by this ad?

  • It’s not hard to tell domestic water from imported water based on its flavor.
  • The majority of spring water is bottled at its source.
  • Restrictions on importing and customs duties make the price of imported water higher.
  • Spring water tastes best when it’s served from a decanter.
  • Some people purchase imported spring water instead of domestic as a status symbol.

28. Priest: Do you speak to the devil and follow his biddings?

Parishioner: Yes.

Priest: You must be lying. Nobody who is in league with the devil tells the truth.

Why can the priest’s behavior be considered paradoxical?

  • He accused the parishioner of being in league with the devil, but he later changed his story.
  • He relied upon the answer of the parishioner in order to reject his response.
  • His behavior was entirely within accordance with religious law, but he was accusing the parishioner of violating that law.
  • While he is questioning the parishioner about possible association with the devil, he doesn’t actually believe in such a thing.
  • He was the one who asked the question, but he refused to accept the answer
Number of Successful Candidates in Assessment Test
  • Lahore: 500 people are passed on to the next stage of recruitment. 2000 people appeared in test and 1500 people failed in it.
  • Karachi: 300 people are passed on to the next stage of recruitment. 1500 people were appeared in the test and 1200 people failed to clear the test.
  • Islamabad: 100 people are passed on to the next stage of recruitment. 1000 people appeared in the test and 900 people failed to move on.
  • Peshawar: 100 people passed on to the next stage of recruitment. 500 people appeared on test and 400 people failed.

Assessment Center

Assessment Center Venues:-

Lahore: Mughal-e-Azam Banquet Hall

Karachi: ABC Lawn

Islamabad: Rohtas Banquet Hall

Peshawar: Greens Banquet Hall Peshawar

Types of Activities:-

  • Group discussion
  • Presentation


Started from 5th May – 14th May in all locations.

  • Lahore Assessment Center: 5th May – 9th May
  • Karachi Assessment Center: 10th May – 12th May
  • Islamabad Assessment Center: 13th May
  • Peshawar Assessment Center: 14th May

Assessment Center Lahore:-

  • 500 candidates are invited to Assessment Center. Group Discussion & Presentation Activities done in 5 days where 100 candidates are assessed in 1 day.
  • Candidates were grouped in 10 groups comprising 10 members each.
  • Total Assessors: 5
  • Total time for group discussion = 15 minutes
  • Total time for Individual Presentation = 2 minutes

Assessment Center Karachi:-

  • 300 candidates are invited to Assessment Center. Group Discussion & Presentation Activities done in 3 days where 100 candidates are assessed in 1 day.
  • Candidates were grouped in 10 groups comprising 10 members each.
  • Total Assessors: 5
  • Total time for group discussion = 15 minutes
  • Total time for Individual Presentation = 2 minutes

Assessment Center Islamabad:-

  • 100 candidates are invited to Assessment Center. Group Discussion & Presentation Activities done in 1 days where 100 candidates are assessed in 1 day.
  • Candidates were grouped in 10 groups comprising 10 members each.
  • Total Assessors: 5
  • Total time for group discussion = 15 minutes
  • Total time for Individual Presentation = 2 minutes

Assessment Center Peshawar:-

  • 100 candidates are invited to Assessment Center. Group Discussion & Presentation Activities done in 1 day where 100 candidates are assessed in 1 day.
  • Candidates were grouped in 10 groups comprising 10 members each.
  • Total Assessors: 5
  • Total time for group discussion = 15 minutes
  • Total time for Individual Presentation = 2 minutes

Topics of Individual Presentation:-

  • If you are the Prime Minister of Pakistan then what 5 things will do at first
  • Is killing of 20 Pashtun in Mashtung a response CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor)
  • How do elections affect the economy?
  • Global Economic Collapse 2008 and 2013: Reasons and solutions
  • CNG can be the best alternative to Petrol & Diesel
  • Technologies as a core strength of the nation
  • Developing countries need trade, not aid.
  • Overpopulation: Strength or weakness for world?
  • Should government control internet & its content?
  • Are girls more crook than boys?
  • Perfection is illusion. Discuss
  • God helps those who help themselves. Discus
  • Is Pakistan really a failed state?
  • Capital Punishment is a right response to terrorism. Discuss
  • Will you prefer Sahara Desert or Amazon forest? Why?

Topics of Group Discussion:-

  • WAPDA should be privatized or not?
  • Should We Pursue our Policy of Dialogue with India?
  • Religion vs Science
  • Is corruption is the main outcome of democracy?
  • Is women empowerment leads to social development?
  • Internet is a curse or blessing
  • Criticism is good or bad?
  • Education and success – is there correlation?
  • Is China a real friend or is saving its interests?
  • Pakistan should join coalition against Yemen?
  • Advertising is deception
  • Co-education should be promoted or banned?
  • Loves marriages are a black spot for our culture
  • Joint family vs nuclear family
  • Freedom of press



Reporting Time: 8:30 am. Time frame: 20 Minutes Group size: 8
Starting – Ending Time: 9:00 am – 9:20 am Date/Day: 21st May, 2015/ Thursday Bring Registration Card
Qualities to be assessed: Communications skills, Confidence level, Active Involvement, Knowledge & Critical Appreciation


  • Silence is O.K. Think before speaking.
  • If you do not understand what another person has said, ask for clarification.
  • Respect the contributions of others. One of the ways we learn from in-class discussions is from seeing things from perspective different from our own.
  • Try to give “equal air time” to everyone in the group.
  • Reframe Disagreements In Constructive Ways.
  • Positive interdependence: The group sinks or swims together.
  • Stick to the topic allotted to group.
  • Train yourself to be a good listener. Develop the patience to listen attentively.
  • Good communication is about listening, speaking at the appropriate time, using easy-to-understand English and getting your point across in as simple a manner as possible.


  • Stay up-to date with current affairs. The only way to prepare is to read more, develop a keen interest in current affairs.
  • Maintain good dress code.
  • Get knowledge about the organization and the position for which you have applied.
  • Train your mind to think analytically. Read articles of Time Magazine, Economist and likewise.
  • Writing essays can improve thought structure.



Presentations Starting Time: 9:45 am Presentation time/candidate: 5 minutes
Reporting Time: 8:30 am Bring Registration Card
Qualities to be assessed: Communications skills, Confidence level, Active Involvement, Knowledge & Critical Appreciation


  • Applicants will be asked to give a short presentation to the other candidates and the selectors at assessment center.
  • Sometimes applicants will be asked to have prepared one in advance, but usually it will have to be prepared on the day.
  • Applicants will be given a subject or have a completely free choice.
  • Whatever the case, try to avoid talking about anything too commonplace or technical, but remember that you could be asked supplementary questions, so pick a subject on which you have further information to hand.
  • Although the content of the presentation may be relevant to the role you have applied for, the organization is likely to be primarily looking for whether you can structure a talk and communicate information effectively.


  • Limit your points to three to six main messages.
  • Don’t overload slides with too much information – 4-5 bullet points per slide is enough.
  • Support your ideas and themes with (brief) anecdotes, examples, statistics and facts.
  • Aim for a conversational delivery and avoid memorizing, or reading from a full script of notes.
  • Talk to the group – not at it.
  • Speak clearly, don’t gabble or mumble, and talk a little more loudly than you think necessary.
  • Keep to time. Bear in mind that your nerves can speed you up or slow you down on the day.
  • Make eye contact at some point with all members of the group but not with assessors.
  • Be aware of your body language and don’t fidget as you talk.
  • Visual Aids, Flipcharts and PowerPoint slides should be used with care – let them illustrate rather than repeat what you are saying.
  • Images are generally more effective than words.
  • Don’t overcrowd your visual aids – you want your audience to be listening to you, not reading!
  • Avoid reading your visual aids out loud to your audience.
  • Managing Question and Answers: During the introduction, say when you would like to take questions. Questions at the end are preferable as it is easier to keep to time.
  • In short:-
  • Introduction: Tell them what you are going to say
  • Main body: Say it
  • Conclusion: Say what you’ve said
Number of Successful Candidates in Assessment Center
  • Lahore: 100 people are moved on to the next stage of recruitment. 500 people have come for assessment and 400 people failed.
  • Karachi: 80 people are moved on to the next stage of recruitment. 300 people appeared for assessment and 220 people failed.
  • Islamabad: 50 people moved on to the next stage of recruitment. 100 people appeared for assessment and 50 people failed.
  • Peshawar: 25 people moved on to the next stage of recruitment. 100 people appeared for assessment and 75 people failed in it.
Position Title: Prepared By: Date:
Minimum Requirements Interviewee Name: Interviewee Name: Interviewee Name: Comments
Rating Rating Rating
Preferred Qualifications Comments
Rating Rating Rating:

Competency Panel Interview

Interview Rating Sheet

0 – Does not meet; 1 – Partially meets; 2 – Meets; 3 – Exceeds


Position Title: Prepared By: Date:
Competency Interviewee Name: Interviewee Name: Interviewee Name: Comments
Rating Rating Rating
1) Communication
2) Diversity and Inclusion
3) Employee Engagement
4) Innovation and Change Management
5) Job Mastery and Continuous Learning
6) Resource Management
7) Result Orientation and Execution
8) Service Focused
9) Teamwork and Collaboration
10) People Management

Please make note of candidates’ ratings on each competency. Write N/A for those competencies that don’t apply to the position. Calculate the final score by adding all ratings.

  1. Not competent: The candidate does not demonstrate competency.
  2. Low competence: The candidate illustrates ineffective behaviors.
  3. Medium competence: The candidate illustrates behaviors at the operational level.
  4. High competence: The candidate illustrates behaviors at the mastery level.

Decision: Offer

  • Lahore: 14 jobs are offered and 3 people are placed on board.
  • Karachi: 12 jobs are offered and 3 people are placed on board.
  • Islamabad: 10 jobs are offered and 3 people are placed on board.
  • Peshawar: 8 jobs are offered and 3 people are placed on board.

Note: Offer Letters are issued on 2nd June,2015 via electronic mail

Regret Letters are issued to those who could not pass the panel interview

2nd June, 2015

Mr. …………



Dear Mr. ABC,

Letter of Offer: Management Trainee Officer

Thank you for your interest in joining Company Name Limited. We are pleased to offer you the position of Management Trainee Officer in HM Group of Companies in Lahore HQ on the following terms and conditions:-

  1. From the date of your joining, you will be placed in the HM’s salary Range 2 and will receive a starting gross salary of Rs. 25,000/- (Rupees Twenty Five Thousand Only) per month (inclusive of all allowances).
  2. Upon joining, you will be provided with extensive theoretical training at the HM’s Leadership Institute, as well as on-job training at the HM’s various business lines. Training will commence on Monday, 21st June 2015. You are required to report at the following address on the said date at 9:00 am sharp.

HM Group of Companies

Company Address,


  1. You will be on probation for a period of 12 months with effect from your date of joining, after which your salary will be adjusted upwards at the time of confirmation of services. Subsequent salary adjustments would be based on annual performance appraisals. On completion of two years of service with the HM and based on your satisfactory performance, you would become eligible for promotion to Salary Range 3 and will be entitled for benefits available to officers in Range 3.
  2. For at least the first three years of your service, you will be placed at one or more regional offices. However, you may be transferred to any regional office of the HM Group as required at any time.
  3. During your probationary period your services may be terminated by the HM Group at any time without notice, and in the event of such termination by the HM you will not be entitled to any compensation other than the consolidated salary, if due for payment to you.
  4. Once you have attained permanent status, your employment may be terminated by giving three months’ notice in writing or payment of three months gross salary from either side.
  5. Your services are transferable at the HM’s Group discretion to any branch, office or affiliate of the HM Group, locally or internationally.
  6. Your employment will be governed by the existing service rules and regulations of the HM which may be amended from time to time.

You are required to send in a signed copy of the offer letter by the above mentioned date to the following address:

Mr. ………….

Human Resource Division

HM Group of Companies,

Raiwind Road, Lahore, Pakistan

We look forward to having you on board and wish you all the success in your career.

Yours Sincerely,

Hammad Butt

General Manager HR


I have read and fully understand the terms and conditions of employment as per your offer letter of 15th June 2015, and agree fully to the terms and conditions set forth in the offer above.

Signed…………………………………….. Date…………………………………

Full Name…………………………………


Hiring Process for MTO positions in HM Group of Companies is completed on 2nd June, 2015. Hiring Process was initiated on 9th March 2015. MTOs will be placed in accordance with their specialization however positions in different departments vary.

Total Time Period:-

Recruitment: CVs Collection and Shortlisting = 38 days

Selection: 46 Days

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