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Purpose of Massive Multiplayer Games and EDGE

Use of Strategy Based Games and Training Software

The purpose of massive multiplayer games today is to solve the problems occurs in the real world,Purpose of Massive Multiplayer Games and EDGE the intelligent engineers develop this game, researchers have found that these games could encourage the individuals to and can improve their valuable skills. From online gaming, the soldiers or police officers or people from other professions could be trained. Earth is under invasion, so through giving real scenarios to the people during gaming, can encourage them to perform in real situations.  These are strategy-based games, according to researchers this will really work; the strategies are to make people able to perform better and to learn from the experiences. The army is also tested through these online games; soldiers can also interact with each other’s and can make plans that what to do. Soldiers could learn how they could show their better performance in the future.

An Advantage of EDGE Over Other Training Software:

EDGE (Enhanced Dynamic Geosocial Environment) is the training software in which people and objects behave as they would in the real world. Douglas Maxwell, by using artificial intelligence and advanced computational steering of an object, is making the soldiers able to work in a flexible environment. The EDGE technology, making other projects, which will also, based on real situations, and work against terrorists. EDGE could also be known as a skilled developer in the soldiers, which will help them to treat in real world and fight in real situations. It also increases the collaboration between the partners or team. It is a clear building from which soldiers; police officers learn various techniques to serve their nation in best way. Moreover, such training software’s could be very helpful in future.

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