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Public Relations as Relationship Management

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The study of public relations is related to the relationship between an organization and its key publics, which must be the main and central unit of study for the research in public relations. This function establishes the relationship between an organization and public on which its growth of success and ratio of failure depends on. The study also focuses on the dimensions upon which that relationship is built and analyzed the effect of this relationship on that organization as well.

The view of management and public relationship results in a conceptual and revolutionized change in the atmosphere and environment of that organization. The focus of now a day’s research is mainly focused on the understanding of the relationship between an organization and public. Today’s research focuses around a two-way symmetrical model that describes public relation as a process of continual change and reciprocal exchange between the organization and its key publics. (John & Stephen, 2015)

Public Relations as Relationship Management

Mutual Benefit

A successful relationship includes the mutual benefit of the organization and its publics. Researchers explain that to value the true image of public relations in that organization where it is serving, practitioners must focus on the efforts that they made to build a long-term successful and conceptual relationship between organizations and its publics. When the long-term analysis is made then the benefit-cost analysis theory can be implemented on the organization as a mean of determining the value of those organization’s public relationships.

The relationship management perspective holds that the relationship between the organization and its publics balances the interest of organization and public through the management of organization-public relationship management. The perspective includes public affairs, community relations, issues management, and crisis management and media relationships within an organization. Moreover, the relationship must be consistent. (Ledingham, 2003).

Organizational Behavior

The relationship between the organization and its publics includes the study of results than what is achieved by its definition, functions and values, and the benefits that it generates from this relationship. Public relations are that field which specifies the way that what is it and how it is. It contains the list of activities that are assigned to public relational management in an organization. It is also termed as communication, which is functionary between the organization and its publics. The generation of the message that it is an end with the organization and among its publics must be focused. (John A. Ledingham, 2000).


The public relationship underlies some principles that must be implemented within an organization. In order to underlying management principles and workings, one must be courageous within the organization’s boundaries. In management sometimes a situation came that needs to be faced with so much courage and strong heart in that position management must possess courageous nature in it.

Dealing With Public

The public relation deals with the public mostly. Some dealings need to be performed manually and as well as practically also. Sometimes the truth related to the project completion and any other concern within the organization must be sometime harmful to the management. Therefore, for the facing of that condition the management should be of strong guts and wonderful spoken power to handle that kind of situations. (Huyse, 2006)


Sometimes public relation practitioners remain to conflict the truth within an organization. They sometimes represent the biggest loss, as it is a minor one although it would be very harmful to the organization and its employees as well. If any organization warehouse may catch fire then they pretend it as a normal practice. Although they should report it properly so that compulsory and useful steps can be put to control this issue. (Johnston).


The issues must be resolved between the organization and its public because if the conflicts remain within the organization among management and employees or any other department members then this will cause a lot of damage to the organization and its working experience as well. Effective issue management strategies and promising features of readily available procedures are important for the organization manufacturing, construction and all other related departments as well.


There may be some crisis happened in the organization by public relationship management, which includes:  Stakeholders risk assessments, their analysis and mapping towards the problems and issues of the organization. The relationship building between the organization and its publics must be corporate and strong among them. Coordination and cooperative nature of public relations and organization make the organization’s atmosphere smooth and reliable. (Joseph, 2017)

Organization Atmosphere

This atmosphere provides the customer with a sense of responsibility and trust. It also provides customers with a packaged of communication process and tools as well. Some organization has also other issues like less knowledge of managers about their workings and in order to collaborate and conduct new public meetings. The public relationship is actually an evolving phenomenon in many organizations of some countries. One of the most important and emerging problem in public relations management is the credibility of essentials within the organization.


Now a day’s internet has revolutionized the world by communicating a large number of people at one time and by sitting at a specific place only. This makes public relationships strong and efficient as well.

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