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20 Professional Home and Office Cleaning Services in Singapore

Keeping your living space clean and well organized is highly essential for the people living in that environment, therefore squeaky clean workspaces has its many benefits, such as tidy and clean spaces becomes less stressful for everyone to function. Whether it’s your home or office, a clean and meticulous environment speaks volumes of the person managing it. For example in office it’s necessary to create a clean and pleasant environment for the employees who would spend 8-9 hours every day.

To keep your living space neat and tidy you need a work force to constantly maintain the cleanliness of that environment. Hiring cleaning services is regarded to be expensive but here are 20 professional home and office cleaning service in Singapore available for you, for your office or for your home.

1. EcoDeepClean

20 Professional Home and Office Cleaning Services in Singapore

Best For
Carpet Cleaning, Ceiling Cleaning, Floor & Wall, Kitchen cleaning, Mattress cleaning, Room Sanitisation, Sofa cleaning, Spring cleaning, Office cleaning
Website https://ecodeepclean.com/
Pricing Get a Quote
Address 16 Raffles Quay, #41-01, Singapore 048581
Contact Details 9049-7568
Operating Hours Monday – Friday: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm / Saturday: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm

Services Highlights

EcoDeepClean has been awarded the best cleaning services and they have been in this industry for around 10 years. They use specialized cleaning machines and eco-friendly cleaning products. They also offer deep clean services that are budget friendly. They provide all sorts of residential and commercial cleaning. These are the following services that they provide:

→ Client and Eco-friendly oriented

→ Specialized cleaning services that not only cleans homes but offices, yoga studios, gyms etc.

Scope of Work

→ Carpet Cleaning

→ Ceiling Cleaning

→ Floor & Wall

→ Kitchen Cleaning

→ Mattress Cleaning

→ Room Sanitization

→ Sofa Cleaning

→ Spring Cleaning

→ Office Cleaning

2. NTUC Domestic Cleaning Service

Best For
Eco-Friendly, Client Oriented, Domestic & Commercial Cleaning Services
Website https://www.income.com.sg/domestic-cleaning-services
Pricing Weekly Cleaning

Weekday package: S$230/month for 3 hours per visit, 4 times per month or S$280/month for 4 hours per visit, 4 times per month

Weekend package: S$260/month for 3 hours per visit, 4 times per month or S$330/month for 4 hours per visit, 4 times per month

One Time Cleaning

For houses below 1000 ft2, 3 hour cleaning.

Weekday Service: costs S$126

Weekend Service: $150

For houses between 1000 ft2 and 1300 ft2, 4 hour cleaning cost.

Weekday Service: S$168

Weekend Service: S$220

Note: There will be a surcharge for engaging service on peak period which is 3 weeks before festive days like Christmas, Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa and Deepavali

Address 75 Bras Basah Road, NTUC Income Centre, Singapore 189557
Contact Details 67888788
Operating Hours

 Services Highlights

NTUC has been in the industry for quite some time now and they have a capacity to provide a cleaning service to 100 customers. Their workers go through a stringent training program.

→ One time and weekly cleaning packages

→ Customer must provide cleaners with cleaning equipment

Scope of Work

→ Bedroom and living room: ironing and disinfecting floors, cleaning mirrors, cleaning furniture, changing sheets

→ Bathroom: wash toilet floors and walls, clean and disinfect garbage, washing, toilet and mirror cleaning

→ Kitchen: filters, floor cleaning, washing machines, cooking utensils or sinks and outdoor electrical appliances and cleaners

→ Other: empty garbage, window and grill cleaning, door and metal cleaning, ironing

3. Helpling

Best For
Affordable One-Off and Recurring Cleaning
Website www.helpling.com.sg
Pricing From SGD 20 per hour

Additional SGD10 for cleanings on weekends – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Address 70 Anson Road, #28-01 Hub Synergy Point Singapore, Singapore 079905
Contact Details +65 8598 4399
Operating Hours –           

 Services Highlights

Helpling is a global cleaning services that have extended their business to UAE, Austrailia, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland and Singapore.

→ Efficient booking method

→ Dedicated customer service

→ Unlimited options to swap cleaners

→ Cleaning supplies should be provided by the customer

Scope of Work

→ Mopping

→ Wiping

→ Tidying Beds

→ Rubbish Disposal

→ Vacuuming

→ Dusting

→ Oven Cleaning

→ Fridge Cleaning

→ Interior Window Cleaning

→ Ironing

4. KMAC International

Best For Eco-friendly, thorough and Explicable Cleaning Solutions
Website https://kmac.com.sg/
Pricing Once a Week 3 Hours: $280/Month

Twice a Week 3 Hours:  $560/Month

Once a Week 4 Hours: $320/Month

Twice a Week 4 Hours: $640/Month

Once a Week 5 Hours: $400/Month

Twice a Week 5 Hours: $800/Month (Twice a week)

Weekends: Call for enquiry

Address 2 Venture Drive Vision Exchange #07-29 Singapore 608526
Contact Details +65 6909 3822
Operating Hours –           

Services Highlights

 KMAC has a keen reputation in both residential and corporate cleaning services in Singapore.

→ Provide modern and personalized services in Singapore.

→ Comprehensive and holistic solution to any cleaning needs.

→ Provides comprehensive cleaning consultancy, quality controls and solutions.

→ Eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

Scope of Work

Office Cleaning

→ Commercial Cleaning

→ Residential Cleaning

→ Church Cleaning

→ Hotel Cleaning

→ Other Additional Services

5. DomesticOne

Best For Pre-Moving and Post-Renovation Cleaning
Website www.domestic1.com.sg
Pricing One-time agency fee: From SGD 188

Weekdays: From SGD 16/hr

Weekends: From SGD 17/hr

Public holidays/weekday nights: From SGD 20/hr

Address 50 Tagore Lane, #05-04, Singapore, 787494
Contact Details (+65) 6388 1329
Operating Hours Monday to Friday

9 am–9 pm

 Services Highlights

Domestic One was featured in The Sunday Times for their outstanding and excellent services, including cleaning services in Singapore has won the Successful Entrepreneur award in 2010. They require a minimum of 3 hours per visit with a guarantee of cleaner (highly professional and trained) replacement for 12 months.

→ Part-time maid services

→ Ad-hoc cleaning

→ Spring cleaning

→ Pre-moving and post-renovation cleaning

→ Office cleaning, babysitting and confinement services.

→ Highly responsive customer services.

Scope of Work

Vacuuming and mopping of floors

→ Cleaning and polishing of all mirrors

→ Changing of bed line

→ Dusting & Wiping

→ Washing and disinfecting (toilet and kitchen)

→ Ironing (excluding bedsheets and cover)

→ Emptying of trash

→ Cleaning of windows and grills (periodical)

→ Wiping and cleaning of all ceiling fans and lights (periodical)

6. Clean @ Workz

20 Professional Home and Office Cleaning Services in Singapore

Best For
Quality Office and Residential Cleaning Services
Website https://www.cleanworkz.org/
Pricing Request for a quote
Address 10 Anson Road #26-04 International Plaza, Singapore 079903
Contact Details +65 8569 0209
Operating Hours

 Services Highlights

Clean@Workz have been serving 100 companies since 2015, their team consists of passionate and trained individual.

→ They also provide comprehensive insurance ($1M)

→ Public liability coverage to protect their customers

→ Aims to provide healthy environment

→ Highly competitive pricing

→ Provide equipment and quality products

→ Pool of experienced and capable people

→ Affordable packages

→ Current Trial package: 3 hrs for $50 for limited time only

Scope of Work

→ Facilities management (Church compounds, Commercial Buildings)

→ Office cleaning services (Part-time/full-time)

→ Restaurant cleaning/stewarding

→ Before/after party cleaning

→ Pre/Post renovation cleaning

→ Regular housekeeping services

→ Tea lady services

7. Whissh Home Cleaning Service

Best For
Deep and Thorough Cleaning
Website www.whissh.com.sg
Pricing One-Time Cleaning: From SGD30/hr

Recurring Cleaning: From SGD23/hr

Deep Cleaning: From SGD35/hr

Address 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central Singapore, 059817
Contact Details +65 6221 8626
Operating Hours HOURS Hotline Operating Hours: 9.00am – 9.00pm (daily)

Services Highlights

WHISSH are a bunch of professional and dedicated team they provide amazing services at very affordable prices. Their booking method is highly simplistic and user friendly. Whissh strives to be recognized as the leading one-stop home service provider. They are constantly working to establish themselves as the trusted brand in Singapore as well as in Asia. All you have to do is book, confirm and get it clean!

→ Cleaners at Whissh undergo strict screening, training and quality assurance

→ Provides more technical home services like electrical help, plumbing and aircon servicing

→ Their work has been defined as magic!

→ Insured up to $250,000

→ Book a home service with them in 60 seconds

→ Secure payment

→ 100% screening background and health checks conducted on all service crews

Scope of Work

→ Home Cleaning

→ Laundry

→ Aircon Servicing

→ Electrical

→ Plumbing


Best For Spring Cleaning, Scheduled Regular Cleaning
Website https://www.absolutecleaning.com.sg/
Pricing On Weekly basis

4-Hour Package: From $399 (once a week, 4 cleaning sessions)

3-Hour Package: From $359 (once a week, 4 cleaning sessions)

Spring Cleaning: From $159 (1 person, 4 hrs, <651 square feet)

Address 61 Kaki Bukit Ave 1 #03-05, Singapore
Contact Details 8488 8444 (24 Hours) / 6844 8444 (Office Hours)
Operating Hours 24-Hour Hotline

 Services Highlights

@ABSOLUTE CLEANING are one of the most trusted cleaning websites around Singapore and they are well reputed throughout the nation for their cleaning services.

→ Flexible cleaning packages

→ Wide range of cleaning services

→ Transparent quotations

→ Hassle-free booking and payment

→ Customer’s provide the cleaning products

Scope of Work

→ Part-time Maid Service

→ Spring Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning

→ Aircon Cleaning

→ Laundry Dry Cleaning

→ Cleaning toilets

→ Sweeping

→ Vacuuming

→ Mopping

→ Folding and ironing

→ Emptying bins

→ Cleaning windows and grilles

→ Wiping stove.

9. ServisHero

Best For Home Service and Cleaning
Website https://servishero.com/
Pricing Contact the company for a quote.
Address Spaces Clarke Quay 4th to 6th Floor, Singapore 058267
Contact Details
+65 8815 3055
Operating Hours 24-Hour Hotline

Services Highlights

ServisHero is the greatest mobile application app that connects you with local cleaners, part-time maids, electricians, air conditioning experts, plumbers etc.

→ Works with leading organisations to provide unique home service solutions and technician support

→ App is available via Google Play Store or Apple App Store

Scope of Work

→ Home defect inspection

→ Home cleaning

→ AirCond servicing

→ Electrical repair

→ Plumbing

→ Relocation & Lorry

→ Contractors and renovation

10. Part Time Maid

20 Professional Home and Office Cleaning Services in Singapore

Best For Home Cleaning Services Using Certified, Ecologically-Friendly Cleaning Tools and Solutions
Website https://part-time-maid.com/
Pricing Weekly House Cleaning: from $399 (once a week, 4 hours, total of 4 cleaning sessions)

Spring Cleaning: from $188 (1 Person, 5 hrs, 651-891 square feet)

Address 61 Kakit Bukit Ave 1, #04-39G Shun Li Industrial Park, 417943 Singapore
Contact Details +65 86093600
Operating Hours

Services Highlights

Part Time Maid specializes in spring cleaning and regular housekeeping for clients who do not have the time to keep their house maintained.

→ More than 8 years of industry experience

→ Professional cleaning for a variety of spaces, from a condo to house or an office

→ Eco-friendly and certified cleaning tools and solutions

→ Top-notch cleaning services at the best prices

→ Eco-friendly, child- and pet-friendly cleaning tools and solutions

Scope of Work

→ Regular House Cleaning

→ Spring Cleaning, Domestic Helper

→ Carpet Cleaning

→ Aircon Services

11. Auntie Cleaner

Best For One-Stop Solution for Home & Office Cleaning Services
Website https://www.auntiecleaner.com.sg/
Pricing Weekly Regular House Cleaning

4-Hour Package: From $399 (once a week, 4 cleaning sessions)

-Additional hour: $22

3-Hour Package:

From $359 (once a week, 4 cleaning sessions)

-Additional hour: $22

Spring Cleaning Service

From $159 (1 person, 4 hours, <651 square feet)

Address AMK Tech 2 5, Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2A #05-03C, 567760‎ Singapore
Contact Details +65 8183 8909
Operating Hours 24-hour hotline

Services Highlights

→ Wide range of housekeeping services

→ Professional and experienced cleaners

→ Value for money

→ Products are child-friendly

→ Eliminate harmful substances and dust in a dirty home

Scope of Work

→ Part-time maid

→ Kitchen

→ Bathroom

→ Spring Cleaning

→ Laundry Pickup

→ Carpet Cleaning

→ Office Cleaning

12. Homefresh

Best For Affordable Cleaning Services, one-off Cleanings
Website https://homefresh.sg/
Pricing From $18/hour

Hiring a part time cleaner during weekends or scheduling ad hoc cleanings: subject to a $2/h surcharge, applied additively

Address Singapore
Contact Details +65 6734 4974
Operating Hours

Services Highlights

Homefresh personalizes your maid experience starting from a price as little as $18.

→ Professional and experienced part-time cleaners offer some of the best cleaning services in Singapore at a budget

→ Easy online scheduling

→ Quick and efficient cleaning service

→ No hidden fees or minimum engagements

→ One-off and repeated cleaning services available

→ 100% Satisfaction guaranteed

Scope of Work


→ Condominium

→ House

13. Nimbus

Best For On Demand or Temporary  Quality Office or Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance Services
Website https://nimbusforwork.com/
Pricing Contact the company for prices.
Address 970 Toa Payoh North #06-21 S.318992
Contacts Details +65 8787 4824
Operating Hours

 Services Highlights

→ Insured & WSQ-certified crew members

→ On-the-job training prior to commencement of work

→ Routine check-ins & inspections by team supervisors

→ Tripartite Alliance for Fair & Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP)

→ insured & Certified Crew Members

→ Nimbus provides on-job training prior to commencement of work

→ On-job training prior to commencement of work

→ Nimbus conducts routine check-ins & Inspections by Team Supervisors

→ Routine Check-ins & Inspections by Team Supervisors

Scope of Work

→ Share-a-Cleaner Services

→ Landscaping

→ Spring Cleaning

→ Carpet Cleaning

→ Upholstery Cleaning

→ Supplies

14. Kleepers

20 Professional Home and Office Cleaning Services in Singapore

Best For Instant Booking, Professional & Well-Trained Cleaners
Website https://kleepers.com/
Pricing Regular Cleaning: from $24

One-Time General Cleaning: $35/hour

Spring Cleaning: from $200

Move-In/Out Cleaning: from $160

Address 50 Chin Swee Road, Thong Chai Building #09-04 Singapore 169874
Contact Details +65 81228113
Operating Hours

Services Highlights

→ Thoroughly-trained, professional helpers

→ Instant booking

→ Customer dashboard for viewing past appointments and managing upcoming sessions

→ Responsive and reliable team

Scope of Work

→ Regular Cleaning

→ One-Time General Cleaning

→ Spring Cleaning

→ Move-In/Out Cleaning

→ Nanny Services

15. FreshCleaning

Best For Full-Service Cleaning Solutions
Website https://kleepers.com/
Pricing Spring Cleaning: from $198

Deep Cleaning: from $253

Post-renovation Cleaning: from $158

Move-in/out Cleaning: from $198

Weekly Regular Cleaning: from $416

Contact the company for a quote.

Address 1014 Geylang East Avenue 3 #05-240 Singapore 389729
Contact Details 83332999 (WhatsApp/Call/SMS)
Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9am – 6pm

Saturday to Sunday: 9am – 1pm

After office hours, contact via WhatsApp

Services Highlights

→ FreshCleaning is a reputable brand that allows you to have these services.

→ Locally-trained professional cleaners

→ Weekly/monthly training for all their cleaners

→ Proven quality cleaning results

→ A high priority on safety, which should be expected of the best cleaning services in Singapore

→ Rewards programme provides incentive for repeat business

Scope of Work

→ Home Cleaning: One-time Cleaning, Weekly Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Curtain Steam Cleaning, Other Services

→ Office Cleaning: Regular Cleaning, Janitorial Cleaning, Post-construction Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, Dustmat Rental

16. SGCleanXpert

Best For Cleaning Services for Residential and Commercial Clients
Website https://www.sgcleanxpert.com/
Pricing Contact the company for a quote.
Address 7500A Beach Road, The Plaza #05-319 Singapore 199591
Contact Details +65 6950 4138 (Office)

+65 8463 7671 (Whatsapp)


Operating Hours 9:00am – 6:00pm (Monday to Friday)

9:00am – 1:00pm (Saturday)

Services Highlights

SGCLEANXPERT offers a variety of cleaning services in affordable prices. From personal maid to a commercial cleaner everything is sorted out by their team.

→ One-stop cleaning service portal

→ Extra effort for quality control

→ Receptive to customer feedback

→ Complete cleaning equipment

Scope of Work

→ Office cleaning

→ Sofa cleaning (fabric sofa cleaning & leather sofa cleaning)

→ Upholstery cleaning

→ Commercial curtain cleaning

→ Carpet cleaning

→ Restaurant cleaning

→ Janitorial cleaning

→ Aircon cleaning

→ Industrial kitchens

→ Roofs, Roof Gutters, Walls and Drains

17. Sparkling House Keeping Services

20 Professional Home and Office Cleaning Services in Singapore

Best For Part-Time Cleaning Services that Exceed Expectations
Website https://www.sparklinghousekeepingservice.com
Pricing Contact the company for a quote.
Address 869 Woodlands St 83 Singapore 730869
Contact Details 9450 2418 | SparklingHousekeepingServices@gmail.com
Operating Hours

Services Highlights

→ Local or permanent residents can be provided with professional cleaners who have many years of experience cleaning landed houses, condos, HDBs, HUDCs and offices of various sizes

→ Helpers ranges from 30 to 60 years old and understand English, Mandarin, and other local dialects

Scope of Work

→ Regular House Cleaning

→ Ad-hoc/ After-party Cleaning

→ Spring Cleaning

→ Part-time Office Cleaning

→ Move-in/out Cleaning

18. Fuss

Best For Carpets, Mattresses and Upholstery Cleaning
Website www.fuss.sg
Pricing Flat hourly rates from SGD 22 everyday – weekdays, weekends and public holidays
Contact Details (+65) 6681 6716
Operating Hours

Services Highlights

→ 60-seconds booking

→ Quality cleaners

→ Exceptional customer service through human customer representative

→ Damage, theft refund guarantee

Scope of Work

→ Part-time home cleaning service and FussPro

19. Metro Cleaners

Best For Professional Housekeeping
Website www.metrocleaners.com.sg
Pricing From $80 per session. Contact the company for an estimate.
Address Block 18 Sin Ming Lane #06-24 Midview City Singapore 573960
Contact Details (65) 6735 4454 / (65) 6262 6431
Operating Hours

Services Highlights

Metro Cleaners have even been recognised as one of Singapore’s Outstanding Enterprise in 2015. Established in 2003, Metro Cleaners is a professional housekeeping company which started as a 3-person operation outfit from a tiny office at Manhattan House. Metro Cleaners is all about personal enrichment hence they prioritize the growth of their team who belong from different backgrounds and ethnicities.

Scope of Work

→ General Cleaning

→ Spring Cleaning

→ Moving In/Out Cleaning

→ Regular Cleaning

→ Carpet Cleaning

→ Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service

20. Laundry Maid

20 Professional Home and Office Cleaning Services in Singapore

Best For Personalised and Professional Cleaning Services
Website www.metrocleaners.com.sg
Pricing 1. Time weekly, 4 hours per visit for 4 times a month – $352.00 a month($22/hr)

2. 2 times weekly, 3 hours per visit for 8 times a month – $528.00 a month($22.00/hr)

3. 2 times weekly, 4 hours per visit for 8 times a month – $704.00 a month($22.00/hr)

4. 3 times weekly, 3 hours per visit for 12 times a month – $792.00 a month($22.00/hr)

5. 3 times weekly, 4 hours a visit for 12 times a month – $1056.00 a month($22.00/hr)

6. Service frequency can be increased to 4-5 times weekly at $22.00/hr

Address Laundry-Maid Pte. Ltd. 509A Yishun Ave 4 #04-18, Singapore 761509
Contact Details aundrymaid.sg@gmail.com

+65 81818577 ; +65 62823848

Operating Hours Monday to Friday: 9.30 am to 6.00pm

Saturday: 9.30 am to 2.00pm

Sunday and Public Holiday: Closed

Services Highlights

→ No levy or medical fees

→ No commissions

→ No agency fees

→ Scheduled cleaning services

→ Payment for service will be at the end of each month

Scope of Work

Part-time Cleaning Service (with custom schedules).

In conclusion, every service has its own highlights; some may offer eco-friendly cleaning products while others may ask you to provide them with the cleaning equipment. Some would offer industrial or commercial cleaning services while others may just provide you with housekeeping or temporary maid services. These 20 professional home and office cleaning services in Singapore provide you with different expertise and each have their own competitive pricing strategy.

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