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Production Technology of Tomato Under Protective Horticulture

Greenhouse cultivation of vegetables offers distinct advantages of quality, productivity and favorable market prices to the growers. Vegetable growers can substantially increase their income by greenhouse cultivation of vegetables in off season as the vegetables produced in the normal season generally do not fetch good returns due to large availability of these vegetables in the market. Greenhouse technology is popular in countries viz., U.S, Canada and Europe. It allows precision farming and overcomes limitations of space and disadvantages of climate change. Production of vegetables under protected conditions is increasing worldwide. In these systems various factors of the environment such as air, temperature, humidity, atmospheric gas composition etc., are controlled. Protected cultivation in the form of greenhouses, net houses, low tunnels, mulches etc., offers several advantages to grow crops of high quality and yields, thus using the land and other resources more efficiently.


Tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum) belongs to the genus Lycopersicum under SOLANACEAE family. Tomato is a herbaceous sprawling plant growing to 1-3 meter in height wit weak woody stem.


The choice of vegetable crop to be raised in greenhouse is made on the basis of the size of the structure,PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY OF TOMATO UNDER PROTECTIVE HORTICULTURE the economics of the crop production and income generated (profit). It may be possible to raise any crop at any time in a high cost green house, selection of crops is more critical in case of ordinary low cost green house. The high value vegetable crops viz., tomato, capsicum, brinjal and chilli have been more popular for cultivation in greenhouse. The labor and other input requirement per unit area in greenhouse is more than that of open field conditions. There is always a large and sustained demand of fresh vegetables round the year in big cities. Among vegetables tomato is the first crop grown in greenhouses worldwide. It is relatively easy to grow under protected conditions.

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