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Principles of Urban Quality of Life for a Neighborhood

Neighborhood Design And Walking Trips 

New Urbanism Smart Score Card Criteria

In the article, New Urbanism Smart Score criteria are discussed from the perspective of walking. Walking is likely to influence the physical and social environment features. For the sustainable communities, urbanism plays an important role. Walkability, Connectivity, mixed housing; green transportation, increased density etc. are the principles of urbanism. If I talk about my community for the portfolio project, it is not urbanism; however, the people of the communities are struggling to create the sense of urbanism. Whereas the community is designed or structured properly for the mean of urbanism in recent years, the society or community is concerned. The community has the connectivity, the mixed-use, diversity and mixed housing etc. There is also sustainability and quality of life; it seems as the community will grow in recent years and give a perfect example if new urbanism, the people, and the government are taking steps to improve the conditions and to make this community sustainable for the urbanism.

There are various projects, which are undertaken in my society, from the last 10 years to promote the urbanism, the society knows if there is urbanism, the benefits will be given to businesses and the people of the community. The government is also focusing on urbanism as through the survey, I come to know that the principle of walkability and green transportation is being focused so people do not find any problem while connecting to market or the other cities or town. For the sustainability, new urbanism designs are carried out, the community itself focuses on the urbanism, as there is mixed housing, quality architecture and urban design and communities are promoting the traditional neighborhood structure, there are transect planning, public space at center in the society. The society is motivated for the quality life and sustainability is concerned like local transportation, energy efficiency and more walking less driving etc. People of my community have understood the benefits of urbanism (Din, Shalaby, Farouh, & Elariane, 2013).

Principles of Urban Quality of Life for a Neighborhood

Policies Or Laws In Place That Would Help Reduce Urban Sprawl 

  • Our community is focused towards the urbanism and people have understood the benefits of the urbanism, so in future society could be a dream place to live in. For this reason, urban sprawl is increasing and population from the populated towns is shifting in our community.
  • In future, our society will be at higher risk of urban sprawl as I have mentioned the society is focused towards the urbanism, and greater urban sprawl in future can result in the scarcity of the resources.
  • I know new urbanism designs will help my community to reduce the problems because as there could be benefits to business, developers and municipals. Through high-density nature of projects, cost saving in parking facilities and lower cost of utilities will result in sustainability of the communities.
  • In the present, there is no laws or regulation to save the community from the urban sprawl, but the presence of policies can protect the community from urban sprawl and reduce the crime rate in the communities. Our community is focused on making the specific laws for the new urbanism, which could be implemented in the future.

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  • Din, H. S., Shalaby, A., Farouh, H. E., & Elariane, S. A. (2013). Principles of urban quality of life for a neighborhood. HBRC Journal , 9 (1), 86-92.

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