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Prejudice and Discrimination Essay Example

Insight on Prejudice and Discrimination

            Prejudice and discrimination are interrelated concepts. Prejudice is defined as the premature judgment of an individual which often based on someone’s gut feeling, attitude, and reaction towards people while discrimination was described as the behavioral manifestation of one’s prejudice towards others.

            Each people have their own prejudice, though it cannot be removed on someone’s thought, someone could always deal with their prejudice. However, consciously, or unconsciously there are instances that individuals’ prejudgment or can be called as implicit bias rule their behaviors. When someone’s prejudice become his behavior, it would cause a great problem on him in establishing a good interpersonal relationship, decision making and interpretations of events.

            I will make the concept easy for you to understand, I will set myself as an example on how my prejudice works to avoid its manifestation in form of discrimination.

Prejudice and Discrimination Essay Example

            He is my boyfriend for almost three years. He is currently living in the United States and working in the US Navy as a sailor and soldier at the same time. He acquired positions such as the 2nd Class Petty Officer and Electronics Technician in the US warships for more than two years. He worked as a fast-food crew while studying in Senior High School before his military training. On the other hand, he was my classmate way back in elementary, when he was still here in the Philippines.

            He is not my ideal type of guy initially because the idea of a man I want to be with came from my social standard that man’s physical appearance and social status are beneficial for a woman to be happy and secure. Likewise, I do not want to enter into a long-distance relationship because of the common stereotypes pertaining to this concept. At the same time, another factor contributing to me dumping him is the stigmas attached to his profession. Besides, he is often discriminated against by his friends because of his skin color, sense of fashion, and looks, so that I do not want him to accept his proposal.

            However, despite my prejudice, I gave him a chance because everyone deserves to prove themselves and to treat equally anyway. Besides, I do not want my implicit bias to reign in my cognition and behavior. And he proved me wrong. He proved to me and to my family that he is worthy and deserving to be loved. Now, I am happy with him and with the learnings I gained from him. Probably, without conquering my prejudice, I will not be able to achieve happiness from within. Perhaps, I would lose someone who sees my worth and respect my womanhood and possibly avoid many people and social interactions because of my prejudgment.

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