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Post-Negotiation Evaluation Questionnaire

  1. Did the negotiation conclude in an agreement?
  2. If the negotiation did not conclude in an agreement, was your decision to terminate efforts necessary or appropriate?
  3. Did you terminate negotiations because it was not possible to resolve the matter within your acceptable range?
  4. Were you remiss in not adapting to additional information or finding creative alternatives at the negotiating table?
  5. Do you have an alternative that is more beneficial to you than the solution that was available to you at the time negotiations terminated or more beneficial to you than the agreement you made?
  6. Did negotiations terminate due to a communication difficulty, or a genuine disagreement for which you could not find an acceptable mutual solution?
  7. If negotiations concluded in an agreement, did you resolve the matter reasonably close to your target?
  8. Was your pre-negotiation preparation adequate to prepare you for the interaction?
  9. Did you adequately and accurately anticipate the other side’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses?
  10. Did you accurately assess your own needs, strengths, and weaknesses?
  11. Did you set an optimistic-enough target?
  12. Did you reach your target because you set it realistically and supported it well? Or, did you reach your target because you set your goal too modestly?
  13. Were you surprised by any information?
  14. Did you make the first offer? Was that necessary?
  15. Was your pattern of concessions effective? Were the increments too large? Did you concede too often?
  16. Was the total volume of concessions you made roughly equal to or lower than the total volume of concessions made by the other side? If not, is there good reason?
  17. In your evaluation of concessions, was any significant difference between the parties’ aggregate concessions a result only of the reasonableness of the parties’ respective starting positions? Or, could you have conceded less? Or, did you do a particularly great job of withholding concessions?
  18. Did the other side support the position that you accepted from them?
  19. What tactics did the other side employ?
  20. How well did you control your reactions to the other side’s tactics?
  21. Which tactics did you employ?
  22. Which tactics were comfortable for you? Which ones worked best for you?
  23. What types of power affected you detrimentally?
  24. What types of power did you use effectively?
  25. What did you learn about your own personality and temperament?
  26. What did you learn about interacting with different temperaments and negotiating styles?
  27. Were both sides cooperative?
  28. Did either side employ any unfair, deceptive, or unethical tactics?
  29. Considering all of the circumstances, could you have done any better?
  30. What would you do differently, if you could re-do this negotiation?

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