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Phone Plans Comparison

Mobile Phone Plans Comparison


How to Compare Phone Plans

Today, the world, as we know it, is not only getting bigger but more complex and technologically advance with each passing minute. Every individual is being a part of this race and wants for himself not only better opportunities but Phone Plans Comparisonthe best available services too. So things tend to get complicated for the customers as they are paying for the products and services they are buying from the service providers.

To ease things up, one needs to compare the commodities and the corresponding services before going out for purchasing them. It seems difficult to do but once it’s done, one always has the perfect results in front that are not only affordable but works out best for the one.

Today is the world of telecommunication network where everyone is dependent on the services provided by the Wireless Companies which are so many and diverse that there is an emerging need to compare their services before purchasing the products. This gives not only best coverage for the mobile phone but amazing savings to the customer too.  In order to compare, one need to have a wireless plan service first and they are:

  • Plans for Individuals.
  • Family Plans
  • Plans with contract
  • Plans without contract

As the name sounds, plans with single lines cater to the needs of individuals only and so they are way more affordable and cheap than the Family Plans.

Family Plans allow more than one line and hence their monthly costs are cheap as it helps in amalgamating several devices into single bill. These plans offer more minutes, message and internet data than the single plans.

Plans with contracts are post-paid services and plans without contracts include prepaid services.

After deciding on the type of plan, next comes the services provided by these plans which include:

  • Talking Minutes
  • Messages
  • Internet Buckets

There are two options with talking minutes, Messages and internet buckets i.e. limited and unlimited. Unlimited packages are normally pretty expensive than limited packages.

Major providers in the field of wireless services have following generalized plans:

  • Verizon Wireless offers single line plan, family and prepaid plans. Plans for home users include domestic and international plans that start from $14.99. Along with this, shared internet can be used by individual users and families through family plans starting at $30 and unlimited plans start from $40/month.
  • AT&T again offers individual, family and prepaid plans. It has unlimited plans too that include calling minutes and messages starting from $19.99/month.
  • T-Mobile has again has the three above mentioned plans. Its infinite individual plans begin from $35/month and family plans from $80/month.
  • Sprint Incorporation having the three plans sells plans for individuals that start from $25/month and the cost is cut down if more lines join in if in family plan.
  • Metro PCS has all prepaid plans for individual users and families that start from $40/month and include infinite messages, calling minutes and internet.
  • Boost Mobile again has prepaid plans which begin from $40/month and if the customers pay all his bills on time, the Company gives the leverage to customer by cutting down the bill by $5.
  • Cricket Mobile has prepaid plans that start from $30/month.

For details refer to the table below:


Verizon Mobile



Sprint Mobile

Calling Plans Unlimited Calling minutes in the U.S and surrounding for $44.99/mon

Unlimited $0.05/min calls at $14.99/mon

300 minutes for International call at $14.99mon

500 minutes for International calls at $19.99/mon

450 min for $39.99/mon

600 min for $199.99/mon

International calls for $10/mon

Landline calls for $5/mon

x x
Message Plans x 200 messagaes for $4.99/mon

1000 messages for $9.99/mon

Infinite messages for $19.99/mon

x x
Call+ Text Plans Unlimited messages+ minutes for Basic phones- $30/month

Infinite messages+ minutes for Smart phones- $40/month

Mobile Share Value Plan depending on the needs of customer Unlimited Text+ call for $35/mon

Unlimited Messages +Internet with 100 calling minutes for $30/mon

Family Plan includes Infinite Messages +Calls+1GB net for $25/mon
Unlimited Internet Basic 1GB for $50/mon and so on. x $50/month With infinite call+ messages for $25/mon
Other internet plans x Basic 1GB for $60/month and so on. Yes Yes
Business Plan Yes Yes Yes x

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