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Personality Representation Through Dressing Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper On Personality Representation Through Dressing

I like the dress code as my society allows me to dress, there is no restriction to wear fullPersonality Representation Through Dressing Reflection Paper clothes and I am not forced to cover the head because in some religions there are boundaries for men and women to cover head. Based on my beliefs I like to wear jeans because I feel comfortable in that.

I make the choices in dresses, I change dressing and style after sometimes because I like changing my looks. A few years back, I like to wear caps on my head but now I like to make styling of hair.

I am very concern about my gender, I like to wear what is acceptable in the religion and society regarding my gender, my dressing and styling is accordance to my gender.

They can fully judge about my gender because I like reasonable dressing that is acceptable in all the societies, I know that clothes represent about one’s personality, therefore, when anyone or stranger see me they will get the positive image about me.

My family and gender have allowed me to do body customization, but I am happy with myself, as God created me perfectly. There are many people in my family, who believes in changing of body, styles, they like the artwork on their bodies but I do not want to change my body.

People are expressed through what they wear, through body customization, there could be changing in personality. Personally, I believe that there should be customization or artwork but not excessive because it could change on personality or gender, one need to do customization according to the gender and culture.

Orlan’s WorkArt

Orlan’s work art needs to be done on the body because it looks good. However, the changing must be limited to your gender and values.

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