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Personality Development by Self-Assessment Summary Review


My name is Saud Almutairi I am doing Bachelor of Science in marketing. Regarding focused on myPersonality Development by Self-Assessment Summary Review self-assessment I become able to set goals and standards for my future or career. I did career planning and come to know about my values, ethics, interest, personal qualities, and skills. Through self-assessment, there is the learning that how I could contact the companies so I could get the best job suitable for me.

Goals and Plans

I would start my job career in a marketing department of a well-reputed company. From the past experiences and education, I want to continue as marketing director. My performance was good in the internship as I am brilliant in selling data packages and phone lines, I have a great learning of the marketing concepts, this is the reason I am choosing the same field for the job. However, through experiences and learning’s I come to know about organizational compliance, structure and I have relevant knowledge, so I know my performance in this way can be competitive.

In future, I would like to start my business as an entrepreneur, as I am interested in online businesses, I would like to indulge in the online marketing and selling of the good because effective customers service can provide one with extraordinary benefits. I would also help other relevant companies those who are providing online services to the customer so that I could get benefits.

Using SMART Goals

SMART goals can be helpful for me in finding the best job, as it is a powerful tool and it guides the process, it provides me with extremely broad goals. SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

I would be specific in writing my resume, as I could also write the alternative version of my resume. I have to be relevant in writing the resume; I would contact my references and the search online jobs. However, when I got e-mails I would send them feedback and thank you e-mails. It is the powerful tool, which can help me in analyzing so I could timely review the desired changes. Smart goals will also help me in future, in this way, I could able to evaluate myself that what I have achieved and what are needed to achieve in the future like now I clearly know about the learning I have.


Values are important and worthwhile, as I know how to give values to others and how to appreciate others. I am compassionate in what I am doing, committed and cooperative towards my work I know how to perform better in an organization, as I care for others and believe in them. I like to do work with courtesy and I am dedicated towards the tasks assigned to me, I am courageous by nature.


My interests are to read books and do creative writing, I like outdoor sports example basketball, camping etc.

  • Likes

I like to do hard work, as I want to be successful in the future, I like to help others so that they could admire me, I want to be a best seller and want to be best in my professional marketing career.

  • Dislikes

I dislike people who are selfish; I do not like people who cheat others because of trust matters for me.


I have speaking skills, as I know how to talk with the people in the professional way as I have the understanding of the organizational communication.

  • Public speaking skills

I have public speaking skills regarding my professional of marketing knowledge; I can tell others that how they could get benefits in the market.

  • Group work communication

I am able to do group work communication, as I born as a leader, I could tell others that what is needed to do. I can access the skills and knowledge of others and then I could give them the tasks according to the personality.

Psychological Test

Focused on the psychological test I have analyzed my aptitude, interest, personality, achievement and intelligence. Thus, I come to know that I am a strong person because I like to be independent, I am friendly by nature, I am a quick learner and have a good or positive attitude others.

Student Self Assessment and Reflection Example

Developing the Self and Employability

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