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People Capability Maturity Model (PCMM)

People Capability Maturity Model (PCMM) – Introduction

People capability maturity model (PCMM) is described as maturity of framework. This framework could be helpful for organization to make their workforce to do work. This model (CMM) is designed for the help of various organization and they can apply this model for their benefits.

In an organization, human behavior keep on changing and this model helps organization to reinforce the behavior ofPeople Capability Maturity Model (PCMM) their people. The model (CMM) could only apply in the organization, if organization wants to change its workforce practices. Capability maturity level is a set human capital management practices. There are levels of sophistication through which organization develops its workforce and motivate them through their performances. The people who gave perspective of (CMM) say that, it should be practice in daily routine. The mature organization is responsible and the organization which is more mature they have talent, capability of developing and retaining. The people who have (CMM) capability they are successful workforce, they try to improve themselves, effectively transform and have competencies. These people are motivated and have ability to transform the organization. The people CMM’s has primary objective to improve the skills, knowledge and abilities of workforce. The workforce competencies can be characterized by its abilities.

According to people CMM’s in the mature organization, the workforce ability is directly related to the business performance. If the work force is committed and skillful then they could perform better. To train workforce is important for the competitive market. The workforce should be focused during their job. The capability of workforce should be measured at different levels so they could be approved on what they are performing. If they are not performing well they should be guided. Every organization should invest on its workforce, because management is responsible for what workforce is performing, so organization is responsible for providing them improvement opportunities. The attitude and satisfaction of workforce is also very important, if they are not satisfied they will not perform better. The people CMM’s has proven successful because organization allows them to practice their maturity.

People CMM’s are very important for every organization because they are talented workforce. In past it was predicted that technology will reduce the workforce and people will remain unemployed but opposite occurred and organizations are demanding educated workforce. Now days there are two kinds of market one who has good products or services and other who have good and skillful workforce. The talented market is more competitive, most of the companies appreciate talent. The organization that do not have talented work force they are fail in competitive market. People CMM’s play an important role in giving suggestion and help in organizing developmental programs. There is a need of these people because they struggle in organization to make future of organization and they can deal with number of issues. Millennia’s and Y generation is defined as generation who did work-life balance. So there is need to give appropriate jobs to the old age or retire citizens, they could also be helpful for the development of organization.  In organizations, there is competition for the talent and they prefer the people who have competitive strategies.

Human capital management (HCM) is also perspective of some organizations, which they use for their workforce and according to them; there should be investment on the workforce. HCM is an approach to manage people, analyze and evaluate them. According to U.S government HCM can support leadership, succession planning, it can give skills to staff and can make organization result oriented. The organizations who are applying human resource strategies, they are excellent companies. The organization, which has given fewer vales to employees, they may not succeed but the organizations, which have given greater value to employees can succeed or survive.

According to the framework of the maturity that was developed by Watts Humphrey in early 1980’s say the organization can only get success if it has awareness of new practices, as if technologies should be the part of every organization and long-term adoptions should be eliminated from organization.

People CMM’s are very talented so they also emerged in software technologies. In 1990’s there were shortage in software technologies, which effects many organizations but SW-CMM helps in making new software technologies. People CMM’s also helps in various aspects like they have new information’s related to global world, they helped in sustainable development and they have speed up the capable workforce.

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