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Organizational Human Resources Course Material

Most Helpful or Relevant Course Material:

Course material seems relevant to me because through understanding the concepts of HR principles in the organizations, I come to know about the organizational work environment thatOrganizational Human Resources Course Material how the employees are given the preferences in the companies and how strategies are planned so that support could be given to the employees. However, the most interesting course material was chapter 4, compensation strategies- base pay and the introduction of indirect pay and performance pay, the topic was helpful because I understand that organizations are motivating the employees so that there could be the encouragement for them and thus, their performance could be improved.

Consequently, compensation strategies are helpful in the organizations, as in this way, employees are evaluated and their performance could be known that how they are performing and what they should be given. Moreover, for the organizational effectiveness compensation strategies can prove to be very effective, in order to reach the value outcomes or the desired goals.

Least Desired Course Material:

All the topics regarding HR preferences seem effective to me because there is great learning of managing the human resource and employees in the best way for efficiency. However, a topic evaluating the market; evaluating individual seem challenging to me because market concepts related to market performance and market size need to focus in the better way so that there could be effective learning. There could be challenges in evaluating market because my concepts are not clear about market research. Moreover, the topic related to the employees in chapter 9 and 10 could are clearer but there is need to have a basic understanding of doing the evaluation of the market.

Textbook Material That Would Have Appreciated More Lecture-Discussion on: 

All topics are clear to me, however, I did not focus much on the book because PowerPoint slides and other lecture notes seem helpful to me. I was be selected in making notes or writing lectures so I have got enough information and thus I could also consult the textbook in order to get better knowledge about the lectures. I become able to get an understanding of organizational human resource. The PowerPoint and the notes are appreciated as they have the clear and relevant knowledge and one could able to understand the topic in the broader view, as I got better knowledge and concepts about the literature.

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