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Operation Research System Analysis Summary

Introduction to Systems Analysis

Introduction to Operational Research

The operational research is a discipline, which helps to deal with the applications present in anOperation Research System Analysis Summary organization. The advanced analytical methods help to make the better decisions. Thus, the problems could be solved as the system or process is based on the mathematical sciences or the mathematical optimization. It also includes the statistical analysis, which helps the managers so that they can solve the complex decision-making problems. The discussion could be done on the loss, risk, or cost, operational research is based on the computer science and the new set of knowledge. The effective decision could be taken through the OR, moreover, the systems behavior principles are also followed by OR (Eiselt & Sandblom, 2012).

The three questions need to be answered are In OR Decision Making Model

  1. Is test the validity, of the model and the attain solution is accordingly?
  2. Are the computations accurately done and the model is tractable?
  3. Are the problems, which is needed to solve, relevance to the original problem?

Phases of an OR study

There are the 6 steps in the OR study or process, the steps are discussed below:

  1. Observes problem of the environment

In observing the problems, there is the focus on the different activities example, the site visit, observations and the research.

  1. Examine and define the problem.

In examine the problem, the definition of the objectives are focused, there are the uses and limitations of the study.

  1. Development of a model

In the development phase, the model is represented and that can be in the form of equations or other formulating equations.

  1. Selection of the appropriate data

In the selection of the appropriate data, there is the development stage, which focuses on the internal/external data analysis.

  1. Provide or think on solution

Thinking of the solution involves the collection of opinions to get a solution; it can be updated and modified with the time.

  1. Implementation of the solution

In the implementation step, there is the need to gains the support from the other management and the organization so that there could be properly implemented a solution (Eiselt & Sandblom, 2012).

 OR Technique

Markov Process is the commonly and widely used OR technique, as there are the focuses on the various states and aspects, the problem is defined and the system could be focused on the probability basis. The theory gave the insight to the management that how the solutions could be there. Consequently, the theory helps in calculating the issues and the long run probability (Ibe, 2013).

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