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Nursing Program Admission Essay Example

Admission Essay, Nursing Profession

There are many people, who are changing their careers to new ones, which they believe is extremely fulfilling to them. I am attempting to carry out this bold step, and I have the requirements needed to become a registered nurse. I completed high school education in the year 1989, and later on, obtained a Business Diploma from PTEC located in Clear water FL, in the year 1991. For twenty years, I have worked as a Legal Assistant, but it seems that a career in nursing is where my passion lies. Any person can pursue a career they want, and no one should deny them the opportunity to do so.

Since I was a child, I wanted to grow up and practice in the nursing profession. I have always found it extremely fulfilling when I see smiles on people’s faces after I have helped them. Furthermore, personal experience has made me pursue a career as a Registered Nurse. I had the opportunity of taking care of a dear friend, who had terminal cancer. Also, I took care of my ailing grandmother, who was suffering from Dementia, before being taken to a nursing home. There are many times when I have had the opportunity of helping people in dire need of assistance. I will devote my life to care for people in need of my help. By obtaining the scholarship to study in the RN program, I will have moved a step closer towards attaining my ultimate dream. I am fond of reading various journals on nursing, and in turn, I have vast knowledge concerning some of the latest trends in nursing, as well as other useful information.

Nursing Program Admission Essay Example

By obtaining the opportunity to study and become a Registered Nurse, I will attempt to solve some of the health problems affecting people. This will satisfy me as I am extremely delighted when I see patients making progress towards improving their health. Moreover, when people live healthy lives, it impacts me quite profoundly. I am aware that the career path of nursing is not easy, but this is not a determent to my passion. My motivation comes from the smiling faces and positive feedback that I will receive from satisfied patients. In my opinion, money is not a key motivation behind the career move; rather it is based on improving people’s lives. Furthermore, I believe that the most respected profession is nursing, as it involves taking care of the ailing and the sick. There are times when one has to spend less on their personal time for the well being of others.

Gaining entry into this program will be a chance that will not be wasted in any way. People with knowledge concerning me can attest that I have a passion for nursing. They are aware about my interest in genetics, drugs and even the environment, which are related to nursing. In the profession of nursing, there are a lot of issues as well as pressure that is involved. I hope that by becoming a registered nurse, I will help alleviate some of these problems. In conclusion, I hope to obtain this scholarship as it is of extreme value to me. In turn, I will endeavor to promote the integrity of the nursing profession.

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