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New Urbanism in Charleston South Carolina Case Study Analysis

Charleston, South Carolina 

The case study is about the New Urbanism in Charleston, South Carolina. The town aims to develop. The people of the communities develop the place of sustainable character, where they feel protected and have access to every facility. In the case study, the ideas of New Urbanism concept for the community is a better decision because a community can grow and protected in this way. New Urbanism has provided the benefits to the society, so they able to grow their tradition and business.

The Habersham Land Company in South Carolina is responsible for boosting the town traditions and coastal towns, so at the Charleston, South Carolina the development planners planned the strategies and made the society able to think for the New Urbanism. Through the knowledge of New Urbanism, which is given by the Duany Plater-Zyberk and Co. of the company had changed the thinking of people and give them a tradition feel so they could get aware of natural resources and get a sense of urbanism community (Njoh, 2009).

New Urbanism in Charleston South Carolina Case Study Analysis

The steps or strategies designed by the Habersham proved to be the best strategies because the focused was on the Smart Growth of the community. The company gave the perspective of the homebuilders that give them wide rage opportunities so the people can live in a better place. I think the decisions were good for the community, as the community get a new life and became developed under the sense of urbanism. The principle of the Habersham is proved effective for the country because the Habersham was recognized as the new urbanism in top ten-tradition neighborhood design, by the congress. The designs of homes made by the Habersham was attractive, they used the basic resources for the development of the new urbanism.

Habersham incorporated with the Charleston, South Carolina and provided the street plans and opportunities, for the community. They designed the alternate transportation and take initiatives to slow the traffic by narrowing the streets, this was the better decision because through this car will face difficulties to pass the street and more opportunities will be given o the bikers or the walking (Mendez, 2005).

The community-oriented designs for the community have made the community vigorous because of healthy lifestyles. The traditional town centers were made for the benefits of the community, the total fitness facilities were given along with the recreation facilities, restaurants etc. In my point of view, the design of the street plans will be beneficial because there will be less urban sprawl in this case. The increase in the trafficking or the urban sprawl could be resulting in the loss of the natural areas room the communities. The effective and strategically implementation of the plans has given the benefit to the Charleston, South Carolina for the long-term.

Habersham is able to design the best for the Charleston community, as the model was based on the preserving the natural resources and areas, through proving the urbanism sense to the community, by encouraging the walking and reducing urban sprawl, the benefits are given to the community. The planners have identified the clear objectives through which success or urbanism could be achieved in the society. The efforts of Habersham should be appreciated because they have implemented the plan well; besides given the proper homes and space of living to the people of the community, they have also focused on the town to serves, as it is an effective way to increase social gathering space. I think every community must need to focus on the urbanism for the joy and happiness of lives.

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