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New Food Product Advertising and Marketing Ideas

New Food Product Advertising and Marketing Ideas discusses that Advertising is the concept to get the mass excited about product/service and compel them to purchase it. We can segregate various advertising medium into traditional and new age marketing strategies so Dulcis is determined to use maximum advertising modes to be renowned in food market.

The traditional modes of advertising are outdoor advertising, radio advertising, window display, newspapers and magazine ads, Television commercials, exhibitions, etc. Print, radio, and broadcasting mostly come in the category of traditional forms of advertising. The new age advertising includes Google ads, Youtube ads, e-mail marketing, call to action ads, etc. Mobile and online marketing form the new age marketing tactics.

Let us discuss the most influential media types in advertising

New Food Product Advertising and Marketing Ideas

Direct Mail:

Under this process mailing list is prepared to send Circular letters, folders, calendars, booklets and catalogues are sent to the customers. The audience is instigated to purchase the products/services through of course the interesting way of appeal. It contains detailed information about the product. The message should be attractive, exciting, and convincing.

E-mail Marketing:

This method is an effective ways of online advertising. Through this process, you can reach out to your potential and existing customers. Keep them updated about your present activities, acknowledge their loyalty towards your brand, and keep a track of your customer base.

Online Ads:

From YouTube to Facebook to Google, every social and digital platform displays advertisements. There are commercials that appear on YouTube, search engines’ ads, Facebook ads, etc. And these ads are truly reaching the customers in today’s time, thanks to the vast popularity of the social media.

New Food Product Advertising and Marketing Ideas

Newspapers and Magazines

These are the earliest forms of press advertising. Even though we are living in the technologically advanced time, the daily newspapers are still very effective and powerful print medium of advertising. Before selecting a newspaper, you need to consider various factors such as coverage of the newspaper, its customer base, the cost of advertising etc.

New Food Product Advertising and Marketing Ideas

Magazines may be released weekly, monthly, or annual, or might follow another form of time management. Magazines ads are glossier, descriptive, and leave a lasting impression on the readers’ mind. Various types of magazines cater to a different group of audience, for example, trade, economics, fashion, education, real estate, etc.

New Food Product Advertising and Marketing Ideas

Radio Advertising:

Radio advertising can be explained as word of mouth promotion at a superior extend. The advertising messages can be scripted in different vernacular languages. It covers a large number of audiences. It used to one of the most effective way of traditional advertising. Whoever used to possess a radio could get the message of products through radio ads.

Television Commercials:

It has the advantages of sound and sight and pictorial presentation is more effective to connect with the customers. A powerful TV ad with a good script can leave an everlasting impression on the mind of the audiences. It is a costly medium no doubt but its mass appeal is high so is the reach.

New Food Product Advertising and Marketing Ideas

Outdoor Advertising:

This includes different media like posters, hoardings, banners, bus, train and tram advertising, etc. It catches the attention of a passerby and compels them to read it. The product might vary from real estate to a pen. It falls in the traditional form of advertising.

New Food Product Advertising and Marketing Ideas

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