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New Business Idea on Juice Brand

Marketing Project on New Business Idea on Juice Brand

Brand Name

Our brand name is:

New Business Idea on Juice Brand

Smoody is basically a word derived from a Smoothie (a thick juice).



“A smooth way to healthy life”



 New Business Idea on Juice Brand

 As this juice is a combination of multiple fruits and yogurt so logo is according to the product features. Different colors in this logo basically represent different colors of fruit and white layer above green boundary represent yogurt.

Smoody is the combination of luscious taste and smooth texture .Smoody juices are healthy. The Smoody Juice is very good at giving 5 portions of fruit a day but is not recommended to be the core of anyone’s diet. Consumer can actually consume several pieces of fruit in a single and concentrated Smoody Instead of having to crunch a way through a tough apple or other fruits. Fruits naturally increase energy and work to stabilize metabolism. With metabolism in check, it is much easier to keep desired weight off, or even help in fighting binge eating Smoody not only the super healthy but also very tasty too. This Smoody are great for snacks, and can even replace entire meals. Dieters alike will benefit from Smoody- all while offering a unique and desirable taste. There is one such breakfast which can fulfill all customer dreams of having tasty yet balanced diet food.

Overall, smoothies have many benefits- not just diet aiding supplements normally a person need five fruits per day in order to maintain a “healthy” diet. This Smoody diet accounts for one of those 5 portions.


  • Yogurt, Apple, Strawberry, Grapes, Pineapple, Grey Fruit.

Motivational strategy:

  • We want to make a good image in the mind of customers so that they will buy only our product.
  • Awareness, knowledge, liking, preference and purchasing are our main objective.
  • Providing good taste to our consumers is our main objective.
  • Provide free samples to the customers who are buying smoody for the first time.

Product Strategy:

  • Develop long term relationship with customer
  • Give values to customer to delight them
  • Do whatever it takes not to satisfy the customers but retain our customers


High quality assurance would be our first priority. This would be ensured by the:

  • Implementing high quality standards
  • Total quality management
  • Acquisition of high quality raw material price.


Here are some features of our product:

  • Yogurt and original fresh fruit juices
  • Provides protein and mineral
  • Provides Vitamin
  • Lower metabolism
  • Beneficial for health

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