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Micro and Macro Environment Examples: British Airways and Sony

Currently, business review applies innovative and analytical techniques to commercial problems that assist managers to make wise decisions.

Micro And Macro Environment ExamplesTechnology plays a central role in almost every business now. Organizations prefer business graduates with appropriate experiences in corporate technology. Significantly, business experts have outstanding general responsiveness of how businesses operate and that are competent in applying proper analytical techniques in dealing with specified management problems.

After the recent universal economic crisis, economics proves to be more crucial and pertinent than ever. Furthermore, decisions regarding banking, interest rates, money, taxation and government expenditure affect everyone, with international significances.

Therefore, economics focus on understanding the activities of the various agents in the economy: these include producers, consumers, the government and their relationship.

British Airways


The motive for minor operational charges and better productivity has enforced most international companies to turn to unions and acquisitions. Conversely, even after companies understand that rate cuts cannot raised out of unions. Instead, a fresh trend in tactical management joins to attain same purposes – creating alliances. Amongst the industries, coalitions and interactions are foremost in the airlines businesses with British Airways safeguarding the leadership position. Comprehensively, both the US and Canadian airlines industries venture into a market share nearly $4.5 billion and $5.5 billion correspondingly, presenting extensive chances for airlines to exploit and discover (ANDERSON 2011). However, one note most airlines filing for bankruptcy safety while others constrain for profit margins; and some are enjoying importantly the advantages of these huge markets.


Historically, British airways were established as airplane transport and travel in 1916, soon  after the World War I the initial universal planning air service were tossed between London and Paris. Moreover, in 1939, its main rival was Imperial Airways but the government publicized both companies to form (BOAC) British Overseas Airways. The BOAC were operating only Long-distance flight while for short haul, an additional new company was operating, (BEA) British European Airways (NEWBY 2010). Subsequently, in 1974 when the BOAC acquired abundant knowledge regarding long distance Flight to US, Japan, and so on. BEA solely had a better knowledge concerning short haul flight and soon both companies fused to form the British Airways (BLUFFIELD 2009).

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